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long time no Layouts

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i'm soooo busy this past few weeks or months i guess. School is really tough for Layouts

blog Layouts

I have to do a lot of things like, project homeworks and a lot more studying this week. I'm so busy that i forgot to blog and i also miss y friends i don't have time to chat and hang-out with them anymore. Now i'm already in 2nd yr. college i already went through a tough time last year and i'm trying to be studious this year like i came from the greveyard..
Totally workin' hard this year because next year would be my last yr in college. Goodluck to


life is tough..
and i'm still saving for a laptop hopefully this year i can get one simply for convenience i thick it will lessen my sleepless nights since i can do work at school and everywhere.
Okay, times up for blogging i have to go back to my boring philo reflection..ciao!
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