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Ey Ey...

Recap of my activities this new school year..As what i've said on my last blog school is tough. Im soooo busyyy and tired of all the school work..Midterms week arrived..Unfortunately, Hell is near!

Anyways, i promised myself that i will be active this school year. I'm now part of a school office working as someone who updates the alumni system. There you go! See I'm really busy..I dont have a social life anymore..Even on weekends i still have to do school work..But at first, i love what i'm doing. But then, i started to realize that i'm not having the same life with other college girls. Maybe, because i'm just so insecure that i need to cope up with my DL friends. There's the pressure. No problem, with my 'rents they dont mind.

You know what hurts' the most is that even if you tried so hard you worked so hard people still underestimate you. They pull you down. Even the friends you think the only people that you can trust have the greatest pull to put you down.. cry.gif

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