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more sax links
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sax music
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ap essay
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It feels as if it is worlds away from our own. Nazis, concentration camps, the cries and suffering of six million jews who never raised a hand in violence. As we sit in class reading Night, we feel a sense of releif knowing that their reality no longer exists. But the reality bound in cardbord and glue still exists today. People still fight the same battles that people have since the dawn of civilation. Right versus wrong, good versus evil, survival versus sacrifice. Elie Wisel reminds us that the nazis of his time still exist in our time.
Right versus wrong. It’s the fundamental battle we were taught when we were children. Never were we taught to do the wrong thing. So why, then do people kill one another? How can it be possible for one man to watch the suffering of another and not feel compelled to ease their pain? Look around you. Its happening as we speak. Think of the citizens of north korea. Some live in nice homes, go to school, and are portrayed as the pride of their country. But for ever child that is well fed, there are a hundred that go hungry. We hear the stories, grieve for a moment, and move on with our lives. They are still suffering, but we either let it slip our mind, or make ourselves forget to save us from the pain. Is that fair? Not at all. Was it fair for six million jews to turn to skeletons before they died? No. Elie warns us against turning the other cheek and forgetting. apathy is always wrong, and can be one of the many roots of evil.
Good and evil. Another struggle that we learned when we were a child.

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alek and his solstice
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he's having fun building a solstice.
its 3rd lunch.
and hes in the library.
he exempted his 3rd period exam
so she sent him and rushing in to the library.
happy suprise!
:: dances ::
cant wait till this afternoon
:: dances again ::

i :: heart :: alek sooooo much. always and forever.
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