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Sleep has pretty much been the only thing on my mind today. >>; Maybe that's because I stayed up all night, but oh well. So far in today's events!:

Algebra II - Got to sleep because everyone was taking a test and I didn't have to. ^-^ Hoorah.

Peer Tutoring - Made the perilous, exhausting trek over to the elementary school to help the EC class. I love those kids.

Bible as History - I'm currently in this class. And I already finished my paper for the class. I guess I got in the writing mood.

But, I'm a nervous wreck anyway. I want to talk to Pat when I get home, to make sure his flight was okay and everything. I really, really want to talk to him now. Stupid school and their blocked e-mail.

Anyway, bell's going to ring. I'll update later, maybe.
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ihurttoo ...barbie mutilation... Jul 20th, 2005 3:26:04 am - Subscribe
New url. Nice. Now people can stop wangsting about me being an emo because of my blog site.

Now, about the subject of this lovely update. Barbie mutilation. I was fairly sure that all of my barbies had been beheaded on July 4th's in the past. Considering I enjoy lighting fire crackers in them... But, it turns out a handful of them remained unscathed and were packed away into crates. Upon discovering this, my friend and I decided that they would escape unscathed no longer. With sharpees, cheap Barbie clothes, scraps of cloth, and scissors we created a line of fucked up barbies that Samantha would like to sell on E-bay. Some are even high school cliches (emo, punk, goth, etc). I'll see about posting pictures of them up sometime.

I was given two dresses by Sammy, and she's trying to force me into the pageant with her this year... Fat chance -there-. You'll never see me in a pageant. Ever. People have their favorites, and that doesn't change. You never see someone who isn't popular win a pageant. Not at my school, anyway. So I won't be entering.

I dropped by Sarah's house today to try to retrieve my DNAngel DVDs, but she wasn't home. So I'll have to get them another time. My collection feels incomplete without them. At any rate. I think that's all I have to say.

I watched Phantom of the Opera. It was excellent, and I've heard that the play is even better. Now I really want to see it. I'll get around to it someday when I have the money to afford it.

Phantom of the Opera, Don't Fear the Reaper, and Losing My Religion are the three songs that I'm currently obsessed with. I hate the Dukes of Hazzard - it makes the South seem much more stupid than it is. After all, I am from the South, but there is no way that I am that... Disgraceful.

I won't get into that. I should probably -try- to get some sleep soon. And lets hope this time I don't go fully clothed down to my knee-high combat boots.
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ihurttoo ...i think i thought i saw you try... Jul 11th, 2005 8:24:31 am - Subscribe
Don't you hate it when you get obsessed with a song and you can't stop listening to it? That's how I am right now with the song "Losing My Religion" by R.E.M. It's a really cool song... And it's kind of easy to connect to when I think back over some points in my life.

The slip that brought me
to my knees, failed
What if all these fantasies
Come flailing aground

That takes me back to two times in my life. When my uncle and grandfather died and when Nick broke up with me. Both experiences spiralled me into a depression I could barely claw myself out of. I don't regret anything in my life... But if I could go back and changed the things that happened, the things that I did those two times. I would. I think those are the only two times I have ever questioned my religion, and I failed the goals that I made for myself.

...Wow. XD I just got asked if I was old. What the crap.

"You're old aren't you? XP"
"I am not. XD I'm sixteen. Don't you dare insinuate that's old. What about you? *poke:: How old are you?"
"Sixteen XP But my friends don't come over at insane hours just because of work."

As I was explaining to her that I had to get offline because my friend came over. XD I feel a little insulted.

I thought that I heard you laughing
I thought that I heard you sing
I think I thought I saw you try

This song... It fits so close-knitted to my past. It almost frightens me. At any rate. This is all I have to say for the update. It was just a bunch of rambling.
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music: R.E.M. - Losing My Religion

ihurttoo ...i will forgive...i won\'t forget... Jul 4th, 2005 11:18:41 pm - Subscribe
Kate is pissing me off, seriously. If she tries to point out one more of my faults to my mother I'm going to beat her. For some reason, which to me is still unknown, she is angry with me. I've actually narrowed it down to two reasons:

1. She knows I'm right about her boyfriend TJ being an ass and ignoring her.
2. She's jealous as hell because Sammy and I have more in common than she does with me.

Either reason is a stupid excuse to be taking out the brunt of her anger on me.

Mm, lets see what else is on my mind, shall we? Oh! I know. All of my friends are conversing with my ex who made my life a living HELL for six months until he finally backed off with a threat from the police. He apologized to them... Let's just ignore the fact that I was put through the most of his shit and I still haven't gotten a single "sorry I ruined you life". I don't expect it in person since he isn't allowed to get near me, but the LEAST he could do is send it through one of my friends.

God. Right now I'm just really pissed the fuck OFF. Rob needs to get back from the beach soon so I can hang out with him. He'll put me in a better mood than I'm in now. -_-

Some fourth of July this turned out to be. Anniversary of the break up and he still manages you fuck my life up through my friends.

Kate, I thought you fucking cared about me more than that. So much for being sisters, eh?

Fuck out.

...i will forgive...
...but I won't forget...
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music: Papa Roach - Scars

ihurttoo ...hate\'re all alone... Jul 4th, 2005 9:00:28 am - Subscribe
Sammy and Kate spent the night and we stayed up most of the night playing Trivial Pursuit 90s. Sammy went to sleep, but Kate stayed up with me the whole night because she couldn't sleep.

We had an interesting conversation early this morning with Anna before she got off for bed.

An example:


If you have no idea what that is, don't ask. I'm not going to shatter the naive shell that you are encased in. Then again, if you're that naive, what the fuck are you doing reading my blog? Go away. Save yourself from certain destruction.

Went swimming at around 6:30 and then came back in to eat and play Spuno (don't ask) with Kate until Sammy woke up. She's still asleep but we're not playing anymore because Kate got pissy about my winning streak. Also told me I could be annoying which further strengthens my belief of what I posted two entries ago.

Still depressed about the stuff that's two entries ago. Check it out if you really wanna know.

Nothing more to say, I guess.
Fuck out.

...hate yourself...'re all alone...
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music: Papa Roach - Getting Away With Murder

ihurttoo poisoning... Jun 16th, 2005 3:52:57 pm - Subscribe
I got food poisoning from eating bad eggs at Waffle House. Yippie for me. So far today I've vomited nine times and that doesn't count the dry heaving.

I feel like shit, to say the least. I was supposed to have Samantha, Ian, and Kate come over to swim today. *cough:: That won't be happening with the way I keep throwing up.

You would think I would already have everything out of my system. I haven't eaten anything today that could set sour on my stomach. Bahhh.

I think I'm going to go back to sleep now, and I'll probably throw up again when I wake up. Yay...Bleah.

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ihurttoo ...self destruction... Jun 12th, 2005 4:34:38 am - Subscribe
There's something about you that chases everyone away.

You're not good enough for the attention of others.

You'd be better off dead, then you wouldn't be lonely.

it doesn't matter if you're comfortable with yourself, no one else is.

Your entire existence is painful and worthless.

No one likes you.

You put on a cheery face and try to act happy in front of your friends; but it's all a lie. You're miserable by yourself.

You still don't understand why no one likes you; you never wil.

You're just a mistake splattered on the wall of humanity.

You don't want to live alone but no one's willing to stand beside you.

You aren't as strong as you pretend to be.

You're a tool for the amusement of others.

You've lost your luster and now you're just a broken doll that's worn out its welcome, if it even had one.

Nothing you do or say can bring someone close to you.

You're a loser at life's big game, but no one cares that you lost.

Your confidence is disappearing, and you're turning into a paranoid child again.

You've lost everything, but you're afraid to lose your life, even though you have nothing to live for.

You're not special, and no one really cares about you, or they'd see how desperate and hurt you really are.

You hate yourself because you're all alone.

No one cares that you've been screwed over too many times to count, no one feels sorrow for you because somehow it was all your fault every time.


I couldn't sleep, so I decided to ink in some drawings, and then I got tired of that. I started thinking about all of my friends and how they have someone they care about, and someone that cares about them. For a long time I had Jory to care about, but he has a girlfriend now and I know he doesn't care about me like that anymore. I wanted to believe it didn't bother me that I was single while most of my friends have boyfriends. But, it's been chipping away at me for a while.

I just started writing whatever came out of my fingers. I wasn't even thinking about the things I wrote. I came close to crying when I read what my hand was writing. My entire subconscious is filled with self-hatred and anger.

I'm still not really sure what it is about me that makes me unlikeable, or unattractive. Am I just not pretty enough? Am I obnoxious? Do I talk too much, do I talk to little? Am I too short, are my boobs too small? What the hell is wrong with me so I can know what to fix?!

...You're just a mistake splattered on the wall of humanity...

Is that really true? Maybe I can't fix anything about myself to make someone like me. Someone once told me that if you're comfortable with yourself, people will like you. Honestly, I think that is such a load of bullshit. Because I -was- comfortable with myself for a very long time, but it didn't get me anywhere.

But, I guess whining about it will only make it worse. maybe it will annoy more people and chase them off. I don't know. Nothing is for certain in my life right now, except I'm pretty sure that I'm headed down the path to Oblivion.

Birth into Oblivion...
Welcome to my Hell...

I said that August 24th, 2004. And it still rings with truth.

My friends are probably going to jump on my ass about this entry... Or maybe they won't. I don't even know about that anymore.
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ihurttoo ...perversion in the night... Jun 12th, 2005 2:31:43 am - Subscribe
"That's not the right password. I was using the other password...But only the -right- password gets you in." - Meh
I typed in the wrong password when trying to log into EmoBlog, and those were my verbal thoughts on it.

Paper - "It's thin...And white..." - Sibi

Printer - "It can make a mess" - Sibi
"When it jams" - Meh

Brush - "It feels good when you use it on your head." - Sibi
"Which head are you talking about?" - Meh

Book - "It never cuts corners." - Sibi

"Cat, what are you doing with my chord?!" - Meh
"...lmaowrotb..." - Sibi

Screwdriver - Enough said

Poster - "Just think of Ian" - Sibi
This is an inside joke you probably won't get.

Mascara - "It always leaves it mark" - Sibi

Kitty tail - "IT'S ALIVE!" - Sibi
Another inside joke, ask for explanation.

Credit card - "Stroke it right and it will give you what you want." - Sibi

Speaker - "The more you play with it, the louder it can get." - Sibi

Geek's Hooker's Cry - "YaHO!!!!" - Both
This was actually a mispelling of on my part. Oops.

There was more, before I decided to start recording our perversion, like Sibi making the blade pattern on my computer perverted. But yeah, that's it for tonight.
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ihurttoo ...quizzes... May 2nd, 2005 1:13:46 pm - Subscribe

You kill with

You are very skilled with magic, but have poor
fighting skills. But it doesn't really matter
anyway since it can be as powerful as other
weapons. You are probably missunderstood by
people and have some pain inside you. You are
not the kind of person to start a fight, but if
you are provocted you respond. You probably
don't have that many friends either though you
might want some. According to you life is a
lonely journey and you try not to care to much.
Most people who are witches or anything similar
is thought to be evil and want to see all
people suffer. That however is not true. You
don't feel that much joy seeing others in pain.
You are probably peaceful and quiet when left

Main weapon: Potions and spells
Quote: "A man can be destroyed but
not defeated" -Ernest Hemingway
Facial expression: Blank eyes

What Type of Killer Are You? [cool pictures]
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ihurttoo mascara... Apr 29th, 2005 12:04:29 pm - Subscribe
A song I wrote in Creative Writing, for whatever reason. The best reason, however, would be because I was wearing mascara at the time and was depressed. So, anyway. Here we go.

(Chorus 1)
Black mascara, running as I cry.
There's just no fooling you that "I'm alright."
Because I can't hide the black stains,
And I can't hide the red pain fast enough...
(/Chorus 1)

You know now all of my secrets,

You've seen the blood that I excreet.
But I don't need your sympathy,
Because you're the one that made me empty.

The rain is pounding down on me,
My blood is dripping, running free.
Could you stop acting like you care?
Cause you're the one that made this unfair.

Black mascara, running with the rain.
It'll wash away the red stains,
But it still can't hide the cuts.
The scars are still there, without the blood.

(Chorus 2)
Black mascara, running as I cry.
There's just no fooling you that "I'm alright."
Because I can't hide the black stains,
But I won't clean up the red pain... Not this time.
(/Chorus 2)

You deserve to see, what you have done (to me),
You've broken me, and the last resort was blood.
But it couldn't help the damage that you left,
And you couldn't see the pain, even as I wept.

Chorus 1 x2
Chorus 2 x1

There you go. One depressed song for your fucking entertainment. Have a lovely fucking day.

Fuck out.

Hidden Beauty
You are the hidden beauty

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
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ihurttoo ...fucked up Gundam Wing story... Apr 27th, 2005 3:41:41 pm - Subscribe
Heero: You are saying impudence to me! That is impudence!

Wufei - Nataku, I choose you!

Zechs: Heero... I am your father.

Chorus - They're Treize. They're Treize and Zechs Marquis - quis - quis - quis - quis!

Duo: Wtf is going on here?!

Quatre - Gack! Not the zero remote!!!

Treize: Soon I shall conquer the world and own all the poodles!


Wufei: Oh my dear Nataku... I <3 you forever!

Heero - Say, chums! How about we go get some hot tubby!

Trowa: Help me! I'm being molested by a mongoose!

Quatre - Backstreet Boys disbanded?! FUXOR!

Duo: Wahahaha! I know the secret of Silent Communication! MWUAHAHA...HA!

Heero - I'm only going to do this once... FLAGELLA DANCE!

Treize: We're going to take over the world with SPORKS!

Wufei - PUNT!

Chorus: Gotta catch 'em all, Gundam Win~g!

Heero - You've given me little choice... I must go SUPER GUNDAM-JIN!

Zechs: I hate you all! This is the end! I'll shoot myself!... Where's my prince charming?

Treize - All I wanted were frickin mobile dolls with frickin lasers attached to their frickin heads!

Duo: Ah... I'm transforming into Phantom Thief Shinigami!

Narrator - Congradulations! Your Deathscythe evolved into DEATHSCYTHE HELL CUSTOM!

Mr. Pokey: Time for the zero remote! Wahaha!

Heero - I'm Heero Yuy! And in the name of the Yuy, I'm gonna dust yo' butt!

Duo: XD LMAO! Heero's a girly-man!

Heero - I'm gonna beat you like yo' mamma nevah did

Relena: HEY! THAT'S *MY* LINE!

Heero - O.o... KILL HER *NOW*, CLOWN!

Trowa: Leave me out of your killing obsession. >>;

Treize - Quickly, Relena! Into the time warp! ::pushes her out the window::

Zechs: Finally! It's about time someone killed her! Since Heero was too much of a pansy to... -_-;

Heero - ...-_-...FEEL MY WRATH! ::brandishes butterknife::

Quatre: Someone needs cheering up! ^^ *pokes Heero and giggles::

Heero - >.< Quickly, Quatre! INTO THE TIME WARP!

Trowa: ...Oo; Oh my...

Treize - Time warp? Pick me! ::jumps out the window::

Zechs: O...Kay...>> Dumbass.

Duo - Ah! You ain't pinnin' jack on me! ::escapes out window::

Quatre: Hey... Where'd everybody go? *jumps out window:: WAIT FOR -SPLAT!-

Heero - They seem to forget that we're on the 1st floor...

Zechs: *shrug:: How about tea? ^^


This lovely story was concocted in the farthest reaches of Earth Science in all of its boredom and shit, by Tasha and myself. >>

Name: = Stuffu I said
Name - = Stuffu Tasha said

I also had to write limericks for class. But I'll add them another time... >>
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ihurttoo ...fucking around with doll makers... Apr 23rd, 2005 3:15:01 pm - Subscribe
Image hosted by

My friend Emily came over to spend the night, and we screwed around with a doll maker. We made all of our friends, except Anna made her own. They look pretty damn good. They look preppish... But that's what happens with doll makers. But who cares?
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ihurttoo ...late night bullshit... Apr 20th, 2005 9:18:42 pm - Subscribe
Ah hah... My mom thought I was talking to my asshole of an ex-boyfriend Scott. I was like "Hahaha. No. Just no. Better yet, fuck no." The reason she thought it was because I was looking for something and found an old conversation between us over two years ago. She didn't look at the date, though, because she can be so headstrong at times.

I was like "Why the fuck would I even talk to him -ever-?!" That asshole blocked me when I tried to apologize for flaming his sorry ass. That didn't turn out too well, and I'd rather not hear from that bastard ever again, unless it's him apologizing to me.

I am tired. And I think I'm going to be pretty soon. I've been going to bed too late, and it's annoying falling asleep in class because I didn't get enough shut eye.

Oh yeah, I made A/B honor roll for the first time in God knows how long. It's all cool.

Anyway, sleep. Yeah, I think that's where I'm going now.

Fuck out.

Oh, for any who want to know as a heads up, I'm depressed. I feel unloved and all that shit. So, if you want to try to lighten my spirits, feel free to try.
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ihurttoo ...stupid subject... Apr 14th, 2005 1:52:45 pm - Subscribe
Right about now, nothing could piss me off or make me angry. Today is a great day. There are eleven people in my last block class (including meh), and we're watching a random movie. As for my happiness, it's because all of my friends are doing well... Most of them anyway, I'll update you:

~ Kate's six month anniversary with her boyfriend is coming up on the 26th.
~ A friend of mine is getting asked out on Monday (I can't say who because she might read this, I don't know).
~ Tasha is psycho-happy which always puts me in a great mood.
~ Anna's gotten to see Jon change clothes twice... Both of those times she probably wanted to rape him. x3
~ My birthday is in twenty days/almost three weeks.

And the not-so-happy, but rather sad stuffu:

- Sarah is worried Terry (her boyfriend) might be cheating on her. But she doesn't know for sure.
- Anna's asshole of an ex Sean was being... Well, an asshole.
- My friend Anne was cheated on by her boyfriend, and now he's trying to say "Don't let it end over something like this." He slept with another girl. >< Stupid jack-monkey.
- My friend Emily got dumped on by the guy she's liked for a few years.
- My friend Jason told me I was heavier than I look because Sarah picked me up and handed me to Jason. -..- I was like "...>< Excuse me?"

Aside from the sad stuff though, I'm happy. Granted, I'm lonely as hell, but I'm happy for all of my friends. I guess I could be described by the poem I posted on here a few entries ago "Fly". But, I am happy, there's no doubt about it.

What else is there to talk about? Hm... Well, I already had this entry done, pretty much, but I forgot to put a subject in it and I lost my entry, thus I had to retype it.

Psycho-demonic monkeys! angry.gif

Wow, that was random... XD I'm so... Crazy right now. x3 I have ranted in a while... I need something to rant about. A good rant though, that isn't one that would make me pissy. >>

I revised a poem I wrote for my self-acclaimed little sister Anna. First I'll give you the original. It's called "Sleep".


Let my cradle you to sleep,
And I pray your dreams be sweet.
Let me take your burdens, and
Make the heartache run like sand.

To my little sister, dear.
Let me steal your worst fears.
I love you more than words can say.
And for your happiness I pray.


I revised it in Creative Writing today and turned it into a pantoum. And here it is.


Let me cradle you to sleep...
Give me your burdens...
I'll carry it all for you.
Can I listen to your broken heart?

Give me your burdens...
You can rest your head against my shoulder.
Can I listen to your broken heart?
I can make the heartache run like sand.

You can rest your head against my shoulder.
Let me try to mend your wounds...
I can make the heartache run like sand.
I'll take your pain away.

Let me try to mend your wounds...
I swear I know your hurt, so
I'll take your pain away.
I can cry with you, if you want me to... Will you?

I wear I know your hurt, so
I'll carry it all for you.
I can cry with you, if you want me to; will you
Let me cradle you to sleep?


It's not as good as the original, but it was my first attempt at a pantoum, and I think I did pretty damn good.

I start another pantoum, but I only have the first two verses done, so bah!

...Wow... I need to calm down... Seriously. But Dr. Pepper and caramel aren't really going to help.

I have to stay at school until 3:45 when my mom picks me up. I gave Emily a hug today because of what happened with Jacob, but I don't think she knows that I know. That's confusing, but oh well.

I think I'm just going to stop, because I know I'm not making any sense at all. This is just one of my completely random entries. But then I'll have nothing to do, so I guess you'll have to bear with me or click the back arrow on your browser and stop reading.

I know what I can do. I can attack this entry with pictures. cool.gif

Image hosted by
It's my kitteh, Lynx. Isn't he so cool? One of his eyes is black on the rim, so it looks like mascara.

Image hosted by
I flipped you off... grin.gif

Image hosted by
Rawr, it's the Terry Bear doing the butt dance! >>

Image hosted by
Go on and worship the guitar...

Image hosted by
Matrix Kitties!

Alright, I think I'm done now.

No, wait, one more picture. But this one is serious.

Image hosted by
Rest in peace, Dipstick, my sissified pretty boy. I'll always love you.
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ihurttoo ...random shit... Apr 13th, 2005 9:13:39 pm - Subscribe
This is pretty damn random at the moment. I'm not doing anything really, just eating and watching tv.

Anna's asshole of an ex-boyfriend is doing what he does best: being an asshole. He doesn't know when to keep his fucking mouth shut. I would say more, but everything I'd write about is upstairs on my other computer.
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ihurttoo ...fucked up story... Apr 11th, 2005 10:49:41 pm - Subscribe
This story got so mutilated by the idiots in my Creative Writing class. My friends didn't even get to add to it. I wish they had, though. By the way, the "huddled mass" was meant to be one person. And anything that's mispelled was in the story and is not my doing.

--- It was a dark and stormy night. Rain pounded against the pavement, soaking any who walked the night. Figures dashed for cover, umbrellas unfurling to protect against the onslaught. The park was empty of children and parents; however, one could espy a huddled mass on an oak wood bench.
--- Lightening flashed and the thunder roared, but the group remained. They didn't move at the burst of thunder, nothing could shake them it seemed.
--- Slow, drawn out chanting was coming from the group. The squirrels and birds came out from their hiding spots in the trees and began to scurry away from the oak bench. The chanting continued in a low murmur. The ground beneath the group began to rumble. The chanting grew louder. The group began to sway with the rhythm of their words.
--- Then it slowly began to echo within the group, still no proof where the noise was coming from.
--- The echoing and chanting grew louder and louder until finally, it stopped all together. Each group member took two steps in and then five back, forming a bigger circle.
--- Then someone screamed. "Now with words!"
"You put your right foot in... You put your right foot out..."
--- "And you shake it all about." It was the newly formed organization known as the "Hookie Pokie" clan. They have been making their rounds enlightening everyone of the mystic powers of the "Hookie Pokie" dance. You could say that they were the makings of hippy followers.
--- They seemed happy and underwear - free on the outside, but they were really a cult. A cult for the devil and his minions. The hokey-pokey was a tribal dance suppose to be performed naked, but the Madagascar laws restricted nudity.
--- The clan lived along a river all by themselves dancing and going nakie as they pleased. They plotted all day long. And had fun in the sun.
--- One day, and evil plumber w/his plunger of doom came to fix their pipes. Being and idiot, he caused an explosion. Three days later hundred of nakie bodies were found floatin' down the Delaware, then were eatin by a polar bear. Thus, the circle of Hookie Pokie was broken 4-ever.

The Big Fat Nakie End.

The --- shows where the next person started writing. Eaten by a polar bear after floating up the Delaware in Madagascar... What the fucking hell?
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ihurttoo ...back again... Apr 11th, 2005 7:12:29 am - Subscribe
It's been a while since I've updated any of my journals, but I'ved decided to take up writing in this one again. And there went the bell signaling first period. Dammit.

Alright, I can add more now since I'm at lunch, probably eating an unhealthy meal, but who cares? There's not really a lot to update you on. I've just been playing video games and sleeping. Lot of fun there, huh?

Today is April 11th, the anniversary of the greatest inside joke known to man: Silent Communication. So I wore my hoodie Anna gave me for Christmas.


Image hosted by

So you see, I'm not shitting you. I do have a hoodie with that phrase on it. But yeah, there's not much else to talk about... So I think I'll abandon my emoblog for the moment until some rant comes to mind. I've exhausted the topic of society, though I can always bitch more on that if I see fit. I just need to find some other topic that peaks my interest and annoys me.

I still haven't come up with a topic that interests me yet. Creative writing was cool today, and no one fucked up my story, so it's all cool.

gah a zebra fucktard - That would be my friend Tasha.

That's about it for now... I need to type up that story everyone mutilated in Creative Writing last week.
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ihurttoo fight... Mar 21st, 2005 6:55:01 pm - Subscribe
Kate's cat is staying at me house, along with Kate. The two cats who got along so well when we got them now don't like each other. Or, my cat doesn't like hers anymore. He's moaning and hissing like a sick, rabid beast. Kate's cat keeps running at mine, but needless to say, mine keeps threatening it.

He's pissed at me too, because I'm letting someone else on his territory. Men and their territory... Oh ho, Suki (Kate's kit) has just hissed and growled at Lynx (my kit). Something tells me that seperate rooms will be mandatory tomorrow.

This is probably uninteresting to you, but it's actually quite humerous. I'm just the referee in case one of them displays claws. It's almost like watching a football game, or war. Pushing forward, but being shoved back. On the offensive, on the defensive...

That's all for now. I'll post if there's some blood shed.
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Today I'm going to do some break downs of songs. Because some just really make me want to rant about. Whether is good ranting or bad ranting, it's still my thoughts. So, first song to break down. And I'm not going to break down the entire song, just certain parts. And, I know that I'm going to be techincal when I'm discussing these things, but who cares.

"If Youre Not The One" by Daniel Beddingfield

If I dont need you then why am I crying on my bed? --- Hm...Maybe it's because when you lose someone, the first instinct is to cry?

If I dont need you then why does your name resound in my head? --- Our minds like to torture us, and we have a tendency to remember names.

If youre not for me then why does this distance maim my life? --- Distance does that, just get over it.

If youre not for me then why do I dream of you as my wife? --- Alright, this is just stupid. Do you know how many guys I've dreamed about marrying/being my husband? Too many. And I really doubt I'm destined to be with seven different guys. Geez, you'll get over it.

"Why Cant I?" by Liz Phair

Holding hands with you when were out at night --- This sounds harmless until the next line.

Got a girlfriend, you say it isnt right (isnt right) --- You dumbass player, why would you be holding hands with a girl besides your girlfriend? Idiot, you deserve to be beat savagely and then eviscerated.

And Ive got someone waiting too --- You whore-slut. Where do you people get off? See above what fate should befall you.

Here we go, were at the beginning --- I hope you two assholes broke your other lover's hearts by now.

We havent fucked yet, but my heads spinning --- Okay, just what the fuck? Are relationships these days really all about fucking your brains out? If they are, leave me the fuck out of them. No puns intended.

What if this is just the beginning? --- See above. I hope you dumbasses have stopped double timing your significant other.

Were already wet, and were gonna go swimming --- This only reinforces my belief that relationships these days are all about fucking. What a waste. Can we say bastard children? This actually goes before the other fucking part of the song, but I don't care.

"He Don't Love You Like I Love You" by Daniel Beddingfield

He dont love you like I love you --- How do you know that? Honestly, think before you speak. It'll make you seem atleast a little intelligent. I think.

Dont think about you like I think about you --- How do you know what he's thinking? Can you suddenly read minds? Moron.

He dont wanna have your children --- Have you asked him lately if he wants to have kids with the girl you're singing about? If you haven't, then just shut up.

He dont wanna build his life around you --- Uh huh... Then why is he going out with her? I'm sure he's got plans for the future. Oh wait, that's right, I forgot that relationships these days are all about fucking. You're all living in the short term, not the long term. Dumbasses.

That's all for today. I just recently heard those three, which is why I ranted about them. All of Beddingfield's shit is like that, or that's the impression I get at least. Phair, she's a horny bitch from the lyrics I've read. Time to go. If you have an lyrics you'd like to add, comment.

Fuck out.
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