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Jan 30th, 2005 8:47:05 am - Subscribe

Yesterday, went out with Faz. Some pictures were displayed. I cancelled doing dreamweaver on the pictures at Wes baby party. Tired.
Faz and his family came to my house just now. i love his family. His mum is a nice lady. Abg Is and Kak Ju are grreat people!!

An(his lil bro), his mum, my mum & dad.
Faz and me.

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avatar marlene

January 30th, 2005

Cute pictures. =D

avatar silentdeaf

January 30th, 2005

Nice?? ehee..thanks alot marlene..


January 30th, 2005

Your journal confuses me.

avatar silentdeaf

January 31st, 2005

Sorry i dont get what u mean..

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