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Mar 5th, 2005 10:51:52 am - Subscribe
Slacked with schoolmates at Boat Quay area. Slacked till 5pm.
Then proceeded alone to Cityhall to meet Faz. I wore ulgy outifts. Faz dislikes them. He decided to buy me clothes. He bought me a comfortable green and orange stripe quiksilver tee shirt and a suede brown three quarter billabong skirt. I bought him a pastel blue and white stripes rusty tee shirt.
We were so happy and decided to change our clothes. We strolled down the shops at Citylink. We saw Dewi was working.
Headed down to Esplanade. Chilled.. Listen to some indie gig.
Saw ex school mates, Shehnas and Lin. Asked about their O levels results.. Well done. They passed.
Later that night, Hafiz called me after he met Shehnas and Lin.. He met us while we were eating sausage. We were asked to make a survey. I still dont know what the survey was about.
Ok.....Here are some pictures of Faz and me took today with our new clothes. Enjoy. grin.gif

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March 05th, 2005

didnt know that my cameraphone was this good. Quite surprised at the quality

avatar silentdeaf

March 05th, 2005

I adjust the contrast and brightness. Well. ur phone is good.
But i must know how to take with good lighting.

avatar crowsblood

March 05th, 2005

You guys are so cute!

avatar silentdeaf

March 06th, 2005

thanks.. happy.gif

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