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Dec 27th, 2004 6:17:42 pm - Subscribe

Going off to KL later.. Flight at 1pm. Thought Faz would follow. I'm going with all my relatives and family. Total 19 people are going. ehee.. We go there just to watch my relative play a soccer match. S'pore vs Myanmar. Yeah!! Got the chance to meet my bro-in-law there. He booked the hotel for us. *thanks* Yesterday bought tickets at Larkin with Faz. These are all last minute plan. On Sunday, we "accidetally" plan to go. Sekali betul2 jadi pergi!
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Dec 24th, 2004 1:07:21 am - Subscribe
yay! Finally finished working on my new layout. huh! Without Faz helping me. Yeah man! Without him. I always thought i need him (for my layout) every and most of the time. *eh..saya da ble buat sendiri..* hehe..
He teached me alot. We went thru up and down. He called me dumb whenever i forgot the tips doing Dreamweaver and Photoshop.,i can be on my own feet. hehe..
Like he said, one step closer to independent.
The new stuffs here are, bugs and her. They being linked to another page. My ideas helped me overcome every problems. I seeked all my bugs permission before taking their pictures.
Nad, Suhaila, Izzah
Ain, Didi, Shikin
Tina, Rachelle, April,
Farah, Faz, Mia
Love u all!

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Dec 23rd, 2004 11:39:58 am - Subscribe
I miss this guy.

And this guy..

The same guy? Ofcourse. He's gone.. Gone to KL for four days. Who am i gonna talk to at night? I got no madguys to be with. Oh ya! I forgot my one and only left girlfriend. Nad. We are going to an engagement party this saturday. Wear nice traditional clothes!
Nad,i luv u. I dont mind being a lesbian just for a few seconds. ehee.. FAZ. I need that guy by the name of FAZ. The most:
1) Irritating
2) Smart ass
3) Act cute
4) So-into-photography
5) Understanding
6) Sweet and sour words
7) Lovely but ugly
cool.gif Kind!!!
9) Great designer
10) Fortunate to have me
hmm..I cant sleep yet.
*eh bi, jgn lupa call saya kalau dpt public phone*

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Dec 16th, 2004 8:15:04 am - Subscribe
Today went to a beach for relaxing due to so many problems encountered by those mums. ehee.. Well.. i'm revamping my site soon. So, you gonna see a new layout design by me. The current layout was designed by Faz. I mean, this page columns that he designed. Not the blue "fish" up there. hehee.. Cheers.

more pics

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Dec 14th, 2004 9:28:57 am - Subscribe
I went to a gathering on last Sunday. And guess what.. Ut was extremely grreat coz i met my old fellow secondary mates.. Most of them changed. I promised Nad that i'll be going over to Pahlawan Beach. But most of my friends wanted to go to Siloso Beach. That beach was so dirrty! err... So many seaweeds. And so, I asked for a change. We had to move to Pahlawan Beach with our wet clothes. Yeah! Got to meet Nad!! It was fun yet boring in the beginning. Nad's mum gave us two packets of food. *thanks!*
Faz fetched me home.

more pictures here

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Dec 9th, 2004 3:43:39 am - Subscribe
I've done my best. I did a new design on car vectoring. It was a difficult for a beginner like me. It took me three days to complete. NICE?

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Dec 8th, 2004 11:47:26 am - Subscribe
I had a fight with Mr Spiderman.

Thinking, why Mr Spiderman could easily lost to me?


Waiting for my turn to...

In the cab going to the beach,

This is my first time, saw a "mini tornado"
in water. I wonder what was happening.

Urggghh!! According to my time, its half past one.. I cant sleep!!! Anyone who can offer me some sleeping pills....? Anyone..? Oh by the way, I'm listening to Fixing A Broken Heart by Indecent Obsession. Emoing suits the time. I wonder what i gonna do if lets say, he leaves me...?? Am i still too stubborn for him? Because these past days whenever we meet, we tend to get on each other's nerves. I wasnt physically active with our day shots. I intend to behave positively because i know his patience towards me is running out. I cant effort to get another soured words from him.

~And when the curtains close,
I realize how fast time can go.~
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Dec 4th, 2004 9:18:57 am - Subscribe

yeppies.. I bought SD card 125MB for $30 thru yahoo auction. Faz and me met that guy at Yishun. We inserted the card in front of him to ensure there's no faulty. yesh.. We took lots of pictures with a bigger size image. As we were heading to Jln Kayu for our dinner, we posed so much. Went to Compasspoint then. hey! We saw lots of cartoon network displays! Cute!! I love buttercup! Too bad that i have not enuff cash. Never mind. Enjoy.

Picture for the day:

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Dec 2nd, 2004 3:36:28 am - Subscribe
Tuesday, i went to Geylang with mum and youngest sis. Had our breakfast first.
This chicken rice is delicious!

My fruit punch (red)

Then we headed to jewelry shop.
I prefer silver to gold.

We went to shop for some groceries.

I went out again at night for soccer match
held at Jln Besar Stadium.
S'pore vs Hong Kong.

Faz went over Didi's place to fix his PC again. Pity on Didi. Stupid viruses went on and on spreading into his PC. But, i guess my PC sooner or later will get infected too..
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Dec 1st, 2004 2:07:42 am - Subscribe
I got nothing to do at home. Tonight i'll take all the babies stuffs pic and display them.
This looks like cartoon look. It isnt just cutout. Its a combination of other filter.

Abstract. Learnt from the net.

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