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Jan 13th, 2005 7:50:57 am - Subscribe
Ow... I'm back. Sorry if u see my blog still same for the past few days without new entry. I have been busy since school resume.
Last Sunday, I went to visit my superb and great buddy, Weslyna. Faz tagged along. She's married to Joshua and just gave birth to a cute,plump and sweet babyboy named Jerome Andrew Juda. I love him!! I gave her a oshgoshbgosh baby gift set and a drool cloth. The last time i met Wes was during August in school. huh...Kinda miss her retarded attitude and all her craps.
When we arrived at Joshua block, i was so eager to wait for them to come back from shop. Wes saw me from far and waved happily towards me! She was like 'hey ida came already!!!!' haha.. Surprised to see her face. Quite plump. But cute! They brought us to their house. Met her mother in law, sis in law and her father. I should say she is so lucky to have all those supportive family members. Her father and us chatted while eating some kuehs. We talked and laughed together.
Faz and me went off around 6pm after the one minute of silence (tsunami thingy) aired on the TV. Wes sent us at the gate. I noticed her face sad to split with me. Me too!
Headed down to Lau Pa Sat to have our dinner. It was a last minute plan. At first, i thought of going down to airport to see my relative,Khairul Amri who just came back from the final first league tiger cup championship held in Indonesia.
Hey Wes, i really cant wait for u to come back school! Soon people will be surprised to hear ur story. I hope u have a long lasting family.
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