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whats happenend lately

Sep 25th, 2005 1:11:35 pm - Subscribe
Mood: cuddly
music: death cab 4 cutie-title and registration

i've been feeling better since my last post. so i'm happy.

angelia told me she bocked from aim the other day. shes stupid cuz ur not supposed to tell someone u blocked that u blocked. stupid fat bitch!

i was talking to clint the other day and we were talking about his friend anthony and his friend nataile. anthony wants to hook me up with natalie. but clint doesnt want me to cuz shes annoying. its like he doesnt want me to be happy. he was saying that people call her a man with a vagina. trying to not want to meet her. she doesnt sound like my type. and she reminds me too much of rayne but thats alright. i'll just go out with her to piss off clint.

jeremy is sooo depressing. everytime i talk to him he has to be sad. and bitch about a girlfriend he had 2 years ago. "i loved her but she broke my heart". i was going to say get over it its been 2 years. but that would be to mean.

and on friday me and richie were going to the student parking lot and i saw cassie. i told him not to say anything. but he was yelling "cassie shits in bags"(which she really did) i pushed him to the wall so she couldnt see us. i told him she'll beat me up if she found out i told people about that. he said "but your like ten times bigger that her u can kick her ass easily". but i cant im not stong at all.

well theres probably more that happened but im too lazy to tyoe it up.
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staring an blank tv screen

Sep 14th, 2005 8:50:14 pm - Subscribe
Mood: why do u care
music: commander venus-my collapsing frame

these past 2 weeks i havent been that great for me. though i havet told anybody except my friend jeremy. it seems like i can tell him anything cuz he wouldnt judge me. see if i told my other friends they would tell me to shut up and say get over it. but i cant.

clints friend anthony is going to introduce me to his friends. a girl will get my mind off things. even if i wont like her back. ive decided to be empty. have no feelings. i dont care if its not healthy. its better this way.

something that really pisses me off is that i try to tell clint about my problems and her just ignores me and starts talking about anthony. i just want to tell him that hes not in love with him that its a crush that you'll get over it.

my collapsing frame by commander venus is my song right now.

i was so desprete to talk to someone that i even talk to ming. fuck. i cant beleive i did.

right now my only friend is jeremy.

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random stuff

Sep 12th, 2005 11:04:42 pm - Subscribe
Mood: ??????
music: postal service- nothing better

wow i love being random. just something i like to do.

crash was a kickass movie. i need to buy it.

dede how can some that amazing have a shitting name like that??? i feel sad for her

im never taking gicel's advice anymore cuz always wrong. she always fills my head with such lies. that i should have known myself. cuz i know more about it. she says thing that shes not positive over. sure it was nice thinking about it but i know now what s true and whats not. and if she trys to tell me it is again im going slap her in the face and tell her that she doesnt know anything about this kind of thing. im so mad at her. i wrote a message to her on myspace explaining that she was wrong about everything and that if she tries to give me advice again i'll kick her in her face. but maybe i shouldnt balem her its my fault for beliveing her. but im never going to listen to her again.

i just went to one subject to another didnt i.

well i need t go and think things over.

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tony the pony!!!

Sep 8th, 2005 10:19:39 pm - Subscribe
Mood: i never know
music: commander venus- we\'ll always have venus

today was eventful. well not really same old boring day at bghs...

today richie and i made cards for chad. we put things like porn is cheaper than dating funny stuff. also richie and i put a sign on ginni's back that says "pony 5 cents per. ride". how does that kid make up these things. maybe cuz he watches t.v constantly.

in health me, richie, and chad were passing notes. the things those guys write r so fucking stupid but i cant help but laugh.

in human relation class we had a sub. we had to watch this movie called Nell. i was bored out of my mind. i was about to fall asleep. if we have to watch the rest tommorow i'll scream at mrs.ironpour.

we took this survey in guitar class so that the school district would give the music programs equal rights as the sports programs. people were getting mad at me because i was reading the questions out loud. and asking what should i bubble in. oh well i dont care what they think cuz there stupid.

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trying to find the words to say when u awake

Sep 6th, 2005 9:02:42 pm - Subscribe
Mood: ???????
music: the early november-every nights another story

ok my subject has nothing to do what im going to write about i just felt like saying that.

im trying to write a song cuz i had a shitty day today. i know what i want to write its all in my head but it just wont get on paper. i really suck at writing. i just do it cuz it helps me feel better when i dont have a good day.

at school everybody was being an asshole. like this guy in my enviromental science class. he said "wow your a genius." in a saracastic way. just cuz i couldnt put the text books up. its cuz im too short and the shelf was like a foot higher than me. curse my asianess. just everybody was being an asshole i cant even name them all. but the weird thing is. is that ally the bitchiest girl was really nice to me. maybe its cuz i let her copy my homework. im not even smart. shes getting a better in that class than me. i have a d and she has an a. i have no idea why. she copies off of me. fucking whore.

why is gicel right about everything. just something i always thought of. i need to take her advice. its just to hard to commit to. its so hard to be nice and respect someones feelings. that what i need to practice on. next time i see gicel i'll give her a big hug.

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