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silentjade i have to be more careful - Subscribe
i have to be more careful on what i write now on my blogs. i can't write any personal entries because i had to give my blog user name to my friend. there's just some things that i have to keep private. because i promised myself a year ago that i would keep all my secrets to myself because of what happened last year. there's just certain things that should be kept quiet. it's not really a big deal but it would make people look at me diffrently. i know i shouldn't care about what people think about me but i do. i know that's really sad that i think that way but i do but there's no way that i can change. people aren't really accepting that's why i'm scared.

Hopefully my other blog entries are completely erased.

i found out that forgetmelover is Angelia now i'm not scared, that was kind of scary i didn't know who it was.

and my hair wouldn't stay parted the way that i wanted it sucked.

Mood: scared

silentjade never say forever Apr 19th, 2005 7:20:45 pm - Subscribe
If the choice was mine by never say forever:

The sky is painting us a sunset
while the shadow of our summer
is passing us by

and in its parting rays, i feel my arms
losing their grip around you, your slipping away

sporting a smile that is false and full of sadness
shes wearing a look that says "im trying my hardest not to cry"

and if the choice was mine,
i would place you in the heavens right next to our star
and if the choice was mine,
i would let your beauty compliment the sky

nooone walks these streets as much as we do
makes me feel the way that we do
everyones jealous but noone speaks

and noones looked at me through eyes like yours
or talked to me with a sweeter voice than yours
please dont forget me while your away

and if the choice was mine
i would place you in the heavens right next to our star
and if the choice was mine
i would let your beauty compliment the sky

the sky, grows dark, you leave today
the sky, grows dark, you've left today

and if the choice was mine
i would place you in hte heavens right next to our star
and if the choice was mine
I would let your beauty compliment the sky

And if i had to die to find the perfect way
(and the choice was mine)
to show you how i feel, then girl i would
(i would place you in the heavens right next to our star)
And if i had the time, and if the choice was mine
(and if the chioce was mine)
I would let your beauty compliment the sky
(i would let your beauty compliment the sky)
compliment the sky
Mood: GREAT!!!!!!!

silentjade at home alone Apr 20th, 2005 10:54:01 am - Subscribe
today i'm home alone. i decided to tell my parents i was sick. i'm sick and tired of school so i didn't really lie, i'm sick of something. my dad's at a job interview right now. that's why i'm alone. when your home alone you just suddenly start talking to yourself well at least i do. OMG i'm ginni. that girl likes to talk to herself. grin.gif i'm just listining to something corperate punk rock princess right now it's the acoustic version. you know what i noticed is that acoustic songs sounds more deppressing. i think because it goes more slower than the original version.

I'm probably not going to miss anything at school were just going to watch dead poet's society in languge arts. i don't really get that movie. mabey cause i was zoning out through the movie. now i have to rent that movie cause knowing cecil she'll make us do an assignment on it. in science were just finishing this cell brochere. you like make a brochere about visiting a cell, it's pretty stupid, mr. Innone. in math were probably just grading our math homework. in social studes i think were doing a section review. i can always copy off grin.gif

i'm really tired i think i'm going to sleep now, by guys happy.gif
Mood: GREAT!!!

silentjade school Apr 21st, 2005 10:09:06 am - Subscribe
cry.gif i don't want to go to school today. i was so happy yesterday i got to sleep untill 10 am. but today i had to wake up at my usual time of 6:30. i wish we didn't have school today. school starts in 15 min.

see ya, i'll update when i get home.
Mood: uncertain

silentjade just updating Apr 21st, 2005 9:50:46 pm - Subscribe
i'm updating because i have nothing better to do and i promised i would this morning.

my day was pretty cool. my favorite lunch monitor wasn't here today. mr.bob. he's cool for an old wrinkly guy. sorry didn't mean that bob. what pissed me off was that cassie made a comment. she said that he got a heart attack that's why he wasn't here. i got mad and yelled at her. i can't belive i was ever her friend. that stupid bitch with an over bite. she really needs braces.

on another note. field day was almost cancelled. i was so excited. cuz field day sucks for fat and lazy people. you have to run and stuff like that. but they found the volenters thay needed so that rained all over my parade.

that's what happened today
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