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silentjade's Aeonity Blog - i dont love him for his looks i love him for his music

i dont love him for his looks i love him for his music

Sep 5th, 2005 4:19:31 pm - Subscribe

music: bright eyes- landlocked blues

i was on myspace looking at bright eyes profile and i read all the comments. but on almost all the comments its somebody saying "conor your so hot i would fuck u in a second". i havent seen anyone say that he writes such pretty words or that his lyrics have touched their hearts. sure he's a beautiful man but i would care if he looked like chewbacca. i would still listen to his music. his music has touched my heart. he's the reason i started writing songs. well i wrote songs before i ever heard bright eyes. but ever since when i heard bright eyes for the first time i started trying to write songs that mean something.

i just love conor

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long_gone - September 05th, 2005
I totallly agree that Bright Eye's music has a way of touching you...at least it does me too. And I have never seen Conor, or any of the rest of the band. Good luck with your songs. I dont know if you have but maybe you could post one? Just a thought.


silentjade - September 05th, 2005
i dont think i would post any of my songs on here just a little personal.


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