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silentjade's Aeonity Blog - i punched a hole through my door

i punched a hole through my door

Aug 28th, 2005 7:57:02 am - Subscribe
Mood: annoyed of the gay guy
music: bright eyes-hit the switch

clint came over my house yesterday. everything was going well. until he started to be his annoying self again. like everytime i went out of my room to go to the kitchen or something he would lock the door on me. and the second time he locked the door i got really mad and started punding the door until suddenly my hand went through the door. not completly through but there still is a hole. and i had to cover it up with this stupid sign that clint gave me that says angela's parking.

then later after we went to the movies. we came nback to my house. he wanted to burn another cd. i said sure. but i didnt have anymore blank cd's. he got mad. i told him that it wasnt my fault he used them all up. so he started to go through all my stuff in my room. he was looking for my guitar pics. he said he wants to put them in his binder. but he doesnt even play guitar! i bet he just tells people he plays guitar. he dresses like a skater but he doesnt even skate. i toid him he was a poser and he said if i am i dont care.

hes my best friend but he pisses me off to the point that i punch a hole through my door.

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heart_eyes - August 28th, 2005
Didn't punching a hole in your door hurt your hand?


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