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random stuff

Sep 12th, 2005 11:04:42 pm - Subscribe
Mood: ??????
music: postal service- nothing better

wow i love being random. just something i like to do.

crash was a kickass movie. i need to buy it.

dede how can some that amazing have a shitting name like that??? i feel sad for her

im never taking gicel's advice anymore cuz always wrong. she always fills my head with such lies. that i should have known myself. cuz i know more about it. she says thing that shes not positive over. sure it was nice thinking about it but i know now what s true and whats not. and if she trys to tell me it is again im going slap her in the face and tell her that she doesnt know anything about this kind of thing. im so mad at her. i wrote a message to her on myspace explaining that she was wrong about everything and that if she tries to give me advice again i'll kick her in her face. but maybe i shouldnt balem her its my fault for beliveing her. but im never going to listen to her again.

i just went to one subject to another didnt i.

well i need t go and think things over.

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