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silentjade's Aeonity Blog - screw everything i ever said

screw everything i ever said

Sep 4th, 2005 12:35:31 am - Subscribe
Mood: in love
music: bright eyes- first day of my life

forget whatever said about love. how love isnt real and its just about sex. and that the only reason why people say it is cuz they think its just the right thing to say. that was before sara. sara opened my eyes. she showed me not to be afraid to get close.

shes the only person that thinks im not a complete dumbass. shes perfect. she never makes me happy. i dont cry as much as i used to. she eased my lonleness. i met her on a chatroom. i know that sounds retarded. but i guess its not uncommon for people like myself. and what makes me love her even more is that she loves bright eyes.

the only problem is, is that she lives in england. and i live in arizona. but she told me that shes moving here next year. she told me that her dad is only letting her move here becuase she promised that she would work for him.

i cant wait for her to get here so i can hold her in my arms. what the fuck is wrong with me i never thought of holding a girl in my arms before.
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