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staring an blank tv screen

Sep 14th, 2005 8:50:14 pm - Subscribe
Mood: why do u care
music: commander venus-my collapsing frame

these past 2 weeks i havent been that great for me. though i havet told anybody except my friend jeremy. it seems like i can tell him anything cuz he wouldnt judge me. see if i told my other friends they would tell me to shut up and say get over it. but i cant.

clints friend anthony is going to introduce me to his friends. a girl will get my mind off things. even if i wont like her back. ive decided to be empty. have no feelings. i dont care if its not healthy. its better this way.

something that really pisses me off is that i try to tell clint about my problems and her just ignores me and starts talking about anthony. i just want to tell him that hes not in love with him that its a crush that you'll get over it.

my collapsing frame by commander venus is my song right now.

i was so desprete to talk to someone that i even talk to ming. fuck. i cant beleive i did.

right now my only friend is jeremy.

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