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silentjade's Aeonity Blog - trying to find the words to say when u awake

trying to find the words to say when u awake

Sep 6th, 2005 9:02:42 pm - Subscribe
Mood: ???????
music: the early november-every nights another story

ok my subject has nothing to do what im going to write about i just felt like saying that.

im trying to write a song cuz i had a shitty day today. i know what i want to write its all in my head but it just wont get on paper. i really suck at writing. i just do it cuz it helps me feel better when i dont have a good day.

at school everybody was being an asshole. like this guy in my enviromental science class. he said "wow your a genius." in a saracastic way. just cuz i couldnt put the text books up. its cuz im too short and the shelf was like a foot higher than me. curse my asianess. just everybody was being an asshole i cant even name them all. but the weird thing is. is that ally the bitchiest girl was really nice to me. maybe its cuz i let her copy my homework. im not even smart. shes getting a better in that class than me. i have a d and she has an a. i have no idea why. she copies off of me. fucking whore.

why is gicel right about everything. just something i always thought of. i need to take her advice. its just to hard to commit to. its so hard to be nice and respect someones feelings. that what i need to practice on. next time i see gicel i'll give her a big hug.

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one_escape - September 07th, 2005
you'll think of how to right it down, why not scribble words down and stare at it for half an hour haha

ain't school the greatest?


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