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silentjade's Aeonity Blog - what happened in my life lately

what happened in my life lately

Aug 27th, 2005 1:05:22 pm - Subscribe
Mood: queasy
music: bright eyes- take it easy(love nothing)

i've been in school for 2 weeks. its gotten better. a good thing is im not as depressed as i used to be. like the first day of school i was just so depressed cuz i wasnt used to the change. not that there was a big diffrence between highschool and middle school.

i have't talked to ming lately. i dont think he wants to talk to me anymore. but i dont think i should talk to him anymore. he brags about his money a lot. and also he was planning to use clint for sex. i dont think i can be friends with a guy that could do that to my best friend in the whole world.

i think ive been losing weight. thats a good thing cuz im tired of being that chubby little filipino girl.


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voices - August 27th, 2005
Are you a Freshman in High School, just like me? We don't start school until Tuesday. ^^


femmeemo - August 28th, 2005
Ming sounds like an asshole Jade! I lost a friend because he was being a sick pervert to my best male friend Matti. Same situation I suppose. I don't start school for another ten days but...school is okay, at least its something to do right?

I send you my heart and (my crummy) luck in hopes that highschool is good for you!



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