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what the hell

Aug 23rd, 2005 10:41:12 pm - Subscribe
Mood: what the hell
music: dashboard confessional-remember to breath

today ive been saying to myself what the hell alot. ok me and chad were walking down to my locker and then allison the girl farted on me last year comes up to me and hugs me and she tells me that its her birthday in my head i was like what the hell this skank just hugged me. she probably just wants everybody to tell her happy b-day. well to make her happy i said "happy birthday allison". i said it in the fakest possible way that anybody can say happy birthday. and i had the fake smile on my face like all the other girls in my grade have when they talk to me.

then the other time i said what the hell is when chad told me that diana makes gabby spy on our conversations. i bet she thinks i'm going to steal him away from her. which is absolutly not true. first of all hes a guy. and also he has crunchy hair. hes just a friend. a very weird friend thats likes to talk about oral alot. that made me say what the hell. thai just have zero intrest in that kid.


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mystrytour - August 24th, 2005
What exactly is "crunchy hair"? I think I have that. happy.gif


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