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whats happenend lately

Sep 25th, 2005 1:11:35 pm - Subscribe
Mood: cuddly
music: death cab 4 cutie-title and registration

i've been feeling better since my last post. so i'm happy.

angelia told me she bocked from aim the other day. shes stupid cuz ur not supposed to tell someone u blocked that u blocked. stupid fat bitch!

i was talking to clint the other day and we were talking about his friend anthony and his friend nataile. anthony wants to hook me up with natalie. but clint doesnt want me to cuz shes annoying. its like he doesnt want me to be happy. he was saying that people call her a man with a vagina. trying to not want to meet her. she doesnt sound like my type. and she reminds me too much of rayne but thats alright. i'll just go out with her to piss off clint.

jeremy is sooo depressing. everytime i talk to him he has to be sad. and bitch about a girlfriend he had 2 years ago. "i loved her but she broke my heart". i was going to say get over it its been 2 years. but that would be to mean.

and on friday me and richie were going to the student parking lot and i saw cassie. i told him not to say anything. but he was yelling "cassie shits in bags"(which she really did) i pushed him to the wall so she couldnt see us. i told him she'll beat me up if she found out i told people about that. he said "but your like ten times bigger that her u can kick her ass easily". but i cant im not stong at all.

well theres probably more that happened but im too lazy to tyoe it up.
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