Lost wondering...
Date: Dec 18th, 2005 12:05:19 am - Subscribe
Mood: Calling out to someone who can\'t hear...
Music: \'Captain Jack\' by Billy Joel

It's dark.
It's dim.
It's engulfing.
It's bleak.
It's silent.
It's frightening.


Falling down an endless hole, you land hard on the prime seat of a strange movie theater you've never seen before; front and center, the screen a mess of silent, staring blue as if you two were having some sort of contest.

Breaking away, you look around, hoping for a comforting soul that had fallen along with you, but only the dark velvet seats, propped up in their emptiness, meet your disappointed gaze.

You're alone in the theater.

The thought hits you like an arrow shot from the sky to spite you as you try to stand up, only to find you can't- as though gravity had it's hands pushing down on your shoulders. You struggle some more, but no matter what you do, you're stuck; stuck watching the blank screen that suddenly flashes, calling your attention.

A voice speaks, but it sounds like a tape being played in slow motion and backwards at the same time. Mumbled and low, your gut tells you that whatever it's saying is important, but just like you've turned the volume of what enters your ears down to zero, nothing makes sense.

Part of you wonders if that's what your mind wanted all along.

Maybe it would be easier not to understand it. Maybe that way, things would make more sense.

Suddenly, the screen flashes black, leaving you alone in the darkness that is crawling around your skin like snakes, pure muscle containing neither arms or legs slithering around the exposed parts of you body, hugging around your neck, causing you to stiffen in fear though if you had only relaxed, maybe the experience would have been enjoyable.

The snakes turn electric, a bone tingling feeling shooting through your body like thin wine, causing you to straighten up as if you were put in a straight jacket.

"Welcome to the asylum."

You pause, the only words you had been able to understand the whole time gripping you like steel claws around your fast beating heart.

The screen flashes black and white so fast you feel as though this is some kind of modern torture devise meant to drive you to the place with padded walls. A screeching sound of vinyl crossing diamond makes you try and reach hands to ears, but your hands are duct taped tight to the arms of the chair.
A wind tunnel seems to come out of nowhere, causing your hair to fly up in violent swirls- a bad hair day was in your future once this was over as it seems with every passing second, you're drawing nearer and nearer to the end.

A piercing pain rushes through your index finger followed by that numbing sensation that comes right after pain. You force yourself to look down, only to see a flat, dull disk, that seemed to be an earring of some sort penetrating the underside of your index finger, the skin slowly allowing crimson to drip from it.

You open your mouth to scream, but sound is never able to pass your lips. You're trapped in silence and everyone else is screaming at you.
Eyes shut, too bloody to be of any help, furious wind prevents you from hearing anything else but the screaming inside your head.


You pause, the silence almost as bad as the screaming still ringing in your ears. By the time it's completely died away and hearing is once again a sense, the calm dripping of water in the distance becomes your friend.
So sweet and pure it sounds, as light moisture mists around you, clinging to your skin; purifying your heart.

"Is it safe?"

Opening your eyes, you find yourself in a room you can't recognize, the soft wooden floor warm under your bare feet. Not a light is on except for the natural slightly blue morning rays streaming gently through an open sliding window door.

As if possessed, you gravitate towards it, arm coming up to protect your dilating pupils as you slowly step out onto a small wooden balcony. Eyes fully adjusted, hands fall onto the railing of the balcony; old, rickety railings somehow supporting your weight.

To the left below you see a decline, a trevor filled to the brim with water so level and calm that it looks as though you could walk right across it. A weathered rope bridge hangs over it, not moving at all in it's serenity even when a caressing breeze passes by. Farther in the distance, the bridge seems to a disappear, but a hazy end is in sight, complementing the frosty, misty water below.

Spellbound, you look to the right, a long forest bountiful of trees as well as a damp dirt path meeting your bright eyes. You rush off the balcony down a flight of, to your surprise, steel stairs. But you barely notice as you rush down into the light, toasted brown earth, sand caressing around every step.

Slowly walking through the forest, avoiding some lonesome twigs as you do so, a thin puddle of water that seems to cover the whole path doesn't make even the slightest splash underneath your feet.

You look around at the long trees that seem to touch the heavens, some of their long branches folded slightly, allowing a little bit of hope to shine through from above, though the majority of it comes from the beginning and the end of the path. Green, red, and some brown hues of leaves hang on only the topmost of branches; nothing adorning the lower half, not ever bare, bony fingers to reach out and snag you.

You continue at your slow pace, eyes down, as if the ground was the most fascinating thing rippling along the clear water.

You become smaller and smaller as you walk further into the forest. Soon, you're nothing but a shadow in the distance, eyes on the ground as the lights fade and the screen turns black.

Lost wondering in a dream world all your own.

My dream world.
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lost_souls - December 20th, 2005
That is absolutely beautiful.

I admire your talent.

anonymous - December 29th, 2005
Thanks. I keep trying to remember the karma thing, but sometimes it's hard to.


lost_souls - December 29th, 2005
Woops that anonymous comment was me...I forgot to log in.


perfect110 - January 03rd, 2006
you are a great writer--- That was really interesting to read. perfect~


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