Wishing on fading stars...
Date: Aug 27th, 2007 8:38:16 pm - Subscribe
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Music: Mr. Blue- Catherine Feeny

The moment my mother returned home from her first trip to Paris, she handed me a necklace.

It was simple and elegant; a black band that held a beautiful silver star at the end of it. And the minute it joined the other two necklaces that rarely ever came off, I decided that it would be my wish necklace.

I figured that, instead of buying a five dollar wish bracelet, this necklace would hold my greatest desires, hopes, and dreams. Its durability would insure that my ultimate wish would take a while to achieve, but eventually, the thread would have to break.

That was over two years ago.

The necklace has grown old with age since then, as now all the silver it once held has faded to the copper it was originally sculpted out of. The thick band that it once had is now nothing more than a thin thread with one chunk of it's former self threatening to dissolve on the left side.

It no longer looks very stunning. In fact, most people probably think that the little star is quite ugly now, and might just pause for an one hundredth of a second to ponder why I decided to wear it in my senior picture.

Today, my wish necklace broke.

But not in the way I expected it to.

The thread didn't snap, the star didn't fall off and get lost.

The strange thing was, as I went to put it back on after a rejuvenating shower, I noticed that the clasp was gone. I freaked out, immediately searching through everything on the ground and by the sink with the speed and skill of a roller-coaster heading into the final loop.

But all my searching was to no prevail.
The little clasp must had fallen down the drain, or embedded itself deep in a corner, snickering at my futile attempts.

After a while, I gave up, placing the now unwearable necklace up on my bulletin board so it would never get lost.

It hit me then what this all meant.

My wish necklace was broken.

Which meant, just like the bracelet of the same name, my greatest wish was going to come true.

Yes, I did smile at the innocent thought, even though reality was screaming at me for believing in something so childish.

But I simply let out a sigh, touched the now empty space between my two other necklaces where the star had once laid and went on with my life.

Did my wish come true, you ask?

Well, we'll see.

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