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skeebs emo, screamo, post-hardcore, whatever... - Subscribe
my first blog, and on an emo site too. gradually i'll let you all know some more about me as this progresses. i'm niall, i'm 26 in approximately four days. i live in burton upon trent in staffordshire
Mood: skeptical

skeebs summer\'s almost here Apr 17th, 2005 9:57:48 am - Subscribe
i much prefer the winter personally, its easier to hide in the shadows, having said that, i enjoy the summer, long nights with my friends, long walks to nowhere with whoever's on my mind at the time. plus emo music sounds better in july.
Mood: romantic

skeebs friday night and other related horror stories... Apr 17th, 2005 10:02:54 am - Subscribe
it was my old college friend's birthday bash, the plan was to meet up for a quiet few beers, and a reminisce about the old days... that soon turned outta hand! first off the girl i'm interested in, tina, never showed so i thought, whatever, i'n going to have a good time regardless. well i sank so (too?) many beers and my alter ego, mr complete and utter arrogant fuck appeared and proceeded to destroy the evening, and from hereon in i can't remember shit..
Mood: reminiscent

skeebs feeling kind of peaceful Apr 17th, 2005 10:59:58 am - Subscribe
listening to comeback kid, musing on whether or not to go to band practice tomorrow. gotta get up early for court though, gotta pay a stupid fine. least i've got the week off though, i guess thats another reason to be "cheerful" hope tina's out friday night....
Mood: lucky

skeebs the romance is dying Apr 17th, 2005 12:14:48 pm - Subscribe
so here i am again, exactly where i was a year and a half ago. bitching about being single, wishing i was with (insert crush here).

she asks about me, she wants to know when i'm out, she wants to come out for my birthday, she got me to dance with her, i love her, i hate her, i dont need her but cant stop thinking about her. give me my whisky back. and hey, turn this song up.

every line they ever wrote was mine

i guess friday holds all the answers, i'm keeping my superhero suit in the closet this time.

god i wish i was you
Mood: lovestruck