i wish you would take my radio to bathe with you
Date: Sep 11th, 2005 9:44:11 am - Subscribe
Mood: insecure

ooh, i have fans.... people who are actually interested in what i have to say

wish a certain ex bandmate was.


apparently he quit because "you and jon never listen to me" and my favourite, "i've always been a metalhead at heart"

not true

and i was the last to know.


some best friend eh?

on a happier note....

i'm still alive

AND we got our alkaline trio tickets the other week.

they had better play "continental", or else....

what am i listening to i hear you yawn?

well mainly emanuel and "war all the time" by thursday

stay tuned for another thrilling instalment y'all
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paperdoll - September 11th, 2005
awsome tickets am jeolouse


oblongbox - September 11th, 2005
Oh. I am green with envy. I fucking love Alkaline Trio. If I could see them my petty problems would all go away and my existence would be fulfilled. Radio. That song makes me smile.


femmeemo - September 12th, 2005
Aren't we all metalheads at heart...wait, I'm not...Hmmm. I am so envious. I would sleep with the corpse of Rasputin (or at least whats left of it) to join you. Ahh, Alkaline, my heart bleeds for you. My Little Needle. I hope they play it...not that I'll here it...tear.

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