machete operated girl (for oblongbox)
Date: Nov 1st, 2005 5:02:37 am - Subscribe
Mood: cursed

she beats her beat up pickup truck,
she stumbles in the pouring rain,
she sees what she wants but she cannot have,
the chance to go insane

she may not have a lot of things,
in fact her hands are tied,
she only does as she is told,
the darkness won't subside.

she operates on carbon fumes,
and driftwood from the sea,
she operates with precision,
shes not like you or me.

she's cutting thru the plastic shit,
that dominates our lives,
she's stainless steel and her aim is true,
her control is by the knife

she's a machete operated girl,
she cuts when she is told,
she never questions anything,
she'll cut til she grows old,

one day a man came far too close,
she swung until he broke,
she dropped the blade and then surveyed,
a scene that made her choke.

this machete operated girl, she fell unto her knees,
the ties that bound, they crumbled down,
her heart it did unfreeze

no more she carved, no more she hacked,
her mind was once more free,
her darkened heart, it fell apart,
and her once glazed eyes could see

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long_gone - November 01st, 2005
wow I really like's amazing...good job!


femmeemo - November 02nd, 2005
Aww, Oblong will be enthralled! Thanks for the congrats! I hope it works out. I hope they are better than amazing for you. Better than fucking AMAZING!!

Jelousy is a fancy-ing colour!


oblongbox - November 08th, 2005
Holy shit. I haven't been on here in a while and this has made it so worth going online for. This is amazing. *wipes tear away* I'm flattered as fuck that you actually went as far as to write this. I love you skeebs.

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