i am a dork
Date: May 3rd, 2005 2:10:30 pm - Subscribe
Mood: frisky

ok so i am a huge dork i bought the third season of gilmore girls today cuz i love that show it rocks!!!
i have soo much to look forward to in july the new harry potter book comes out and in july i have to go and see ryans family but beal is coming too which is awesome.
oh at the end of this month i am going home again to see my sisters graduate i can't believe they are grown up cry.gif makes me real sad they are my baby sisters and hopfully i can do a lot more when i go home this time cuz i won't have ryan being all jealous when i hang out with my guy friends and he held me back from doing soo much stuff when i was home cuz he didn't want to but oh well i am excited about gilmore girls me and beal are going to have a marathon on saturday and watch them all lol
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stalewords - May 03rd, 2005
i am a dork too.....Lol...;] i love it...


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