Living the healthy life
Date: Jun 10th, 2006 5:20:48 am - Subscribe

You should smoke less and eat more. Its funny how doctors can just put whats wrong with you in once sentence.

It seems so simple to live "the healthy way", you just have to exercise twice a week and eat three meals a day.

I promise myself each year that Im going to be part of that, the smiling people in pink jogging suits, looking radiant and happy because everything is going right for them.

Theres a big red sign on their foreheads 'LOOK! WE'RE BETTER THAN YOU! DONT YOU WANT TO BE LIKE US?"

But its just so much more easier to say "fuck that" and slip back under the covers.

I found a song today that featured my name, and it just made me so happy. I've always thought that my name is just about as unromantic as a name can be. "Irma" is the sort of name that inspires visions of a big old Hungarian nurse, or an ageing barmaid. Or mousy librarian. Not sexy.

So thank you Tommy Cash, for using this name for a love song. I love you, you made my day. Everyone should have their names made into love songs, its like getting to wear a crown on your head for a day, without people staring at you and thinking youre nuts.

Heres the song:

Irma Jackson

I'd love to shout my feelings from a mountain high
To tell the world I love her and I will till I die
But we're livin' in a world that don't know love is colorblind

And that's why Irma Jackson can't be mine

I remember no one cared about us being friends
We were only children and it really didn't matter then
But we grew up too quickly in a world that draws a line

That tells me Irma Jackson can't be mine

If lovin' Irma Jackson is a sin then I don't understand this crazy world we're livin' in
There's a mighty wall between us standing high but I'll love Irma Jackson till I die
[ dobro ]

She tells me she's decided that she'll go away
I guess it's right that she alone should have the final say
But in spite of her decision forcin' us to say goodbye

I'll still love Irma Jackson till I die
Yes lovin' Irma Jackson is a sin...
I'll love Irma Jackson till I die

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tron - June 10th, 2006
What a beautiful song, funny the way music can cut through the nothing, when you can't move because you don't want to because there is no point, all you can hear is the music, songs, lyrics...
For me its cat stevens, 'sad lisa'... corny I know.
So hello to you from the safety of the covers... where i'm contemplating heading soon, its late, or rather, early in my part of the world.


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