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Date: Jun 9th, 2006 6:50:50 am - Subscribe

Standing in line at the bank today, I came upon the revelation that I may be just a few steps away from turning into an axe murderer. Everytime I fill in the pink slip and get my number, that tells me that at least 20 people are going before me I get a mild aneurysm.

I hate everyone in front of me; they are a gang, conspiring to make my wait just even more longer. They get the wrong forms, they take their sweet time to sign dotted lines, they chat with the teller. And the person right before will always, always, have the most complicated, time-consuming transaction that can be had in the banking universe.

I smile, I look normal, but inside I am burning with rage and hate.

And then the bell rings, and its my turn and the world is beautiful again.
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tron - June 09th, 2006
Oh yes, I understand that sentiment completely. The frustration and its dissipation.

I never get over just how serene I feel when I'm out of there.


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