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Moved - Subscribe
Mood | disgruntled

I've moved. Aeonity no fun, blogger suck dicks. But I suck pretty well though.

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One ecstatic kid tonight - Subscribe
Mood | carefree

- I so want this candy above. It's cheap baby. 3 lenses, cool right ? Once I get this, it shall be my new toy grin.gif But idk when can I lay my fingers on this (!)

Anyway, A1 for MT O levels. Happiest child on this gaia (insert huge gigantic smile here)!

And for the first time, i cleared one of my A maths paper. Cause I'd be failing both papers since sec 3. Improvement right? HA HA.

Helmy's birthday this sunday grin.gif

Currently browsing through shops online to find this particular blouse. Always the case when you have the money. When ur broke, all sorts of designs appear in front of ur eyes. (!)

-I'm so thankful I found you.
& this shall end my post.

Goodnight hunneypies grin.gif

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Tired tired tired - Subscribe
Mood | mean


Anyw, I had some consultation session with Mr Wee for tmr's oral. Omg, it's O's already (!)

And my eyes feels like it weighs a tonne, when I was walking home just now. It'll be perfect if a car decided to bang on me . Sucha nice timing. Okay lame.

Okay arid, i tried your image-cubed whatever thngy. haha. hilarious.

okay, byebye!

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Zhiyan's 16th & movie cravings. - Subscribe
Mood | beautiful

Headed to Zhiyan's house to give her a surprise as it's her BIG day today! grin.gif

Just one wish for you: Put on weight please! I can donate some free ones you know! ;D

Love you guys okaay!


One wish for this weekend: Catch a movie pretty please? Please please please! Okay? Can? ):

It's times like this when I feel that having a boyfriend is not a bad idea at all. At least... haiya, forget it okaay. I shall bid goodbye to the movie theaters. *sigh

Not that I mean having a boyf is to watch a movie together only(!) nvm, skip the explanations.

I also wanna reward myself for completing prelims for two weeks. Heh, what the hell. reward? i don't even deserve a candy as I didn't even chionggg like how hardcore muggers do -.-

Okay, finally you see me talk about my thoughts. Previous posts were like errr.

Things are getting better, that's cause I finally realised, it won't make any difference if I stay or if I go. To some people, a friend's existence is worthless. So be it, I have my own life to lead and I won't care if people don't care about me. Get it? Don't get it, nevermind.

k BYE!

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As it has been said... - Subscribe
Mood | controlled

Don't ever make someone your priority in life, when you're only an option in theirs.

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