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slicemeup Just started - Subscribe

Today was a bad day. It was a bad start actually.

Tuition wasn't conducted at all. And I don't think it will be conducted tomorrow or anytime sooner. Whatever it is, I'm going to West Coast Mac to do some self study. I already gave up, and true to what a certain someone said, "I don't dare to lean on anyone ever again."

I am not gonna let guys affect me anymore. It's the crucial period, and I don't wanna be distracted. But how to, when my heart already yearns for you?
Mood: unwanted

slicemeup Not needed - Subscribe

I am really tired, but why can't I stop?
Sleepy already, goodnight everyone.

Mood: miserable

slicemeup Maths - Subscribe

It's maths day today. Meaning, I must complete all my maths homework.

Gonna go to West Coast to complete it and study. Think to let myself have a peace of mind too.

Tired, I'll just persevere.

Mood: worn

slicemeup Questions - Subscribe

Studying later.

I wonder whether my essay is long enough? I'm still debating whether to print it out or not.

Maths is waiting for me to get started.
This is irritating.

Mr Superman, when can you save me from all this?
Mood: upside-down

slicemeup Cold - Subscribe
I'm freezing right now.
Well, just got back from a short
self- study at CCK library. Didn't went
all the way to West Coast mac though.

It was raining, far, and I followed Mum
to Causeway Point instead.

Applying my face mask now!

Goodbye (:
Mood: incomplete