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SoAmazed He is soo amazing <3 - Subscribe
happy.gif So, The last 8 and a half months have been the most AMAZING months of my life. I've been with this boy for 9 months this Saturday grin.gif . He Makes me so happy. Me and him have been through so much. No matter what we always seem to get through everything. Some times when I don't think we are going make it, we always do. I love him more than anything in this world. Me and him have both changed so much. Losing everything I lost was worth it. this boy is worth anything. I don't care what other people have to say about it. Just like people say "oh your not in love your to young". Well your not my heart. You don't know what I'm feeling. This boy means absolutely every thing to me and without him I don't know where I would be. He always knows how to make me smile. I could be really upset and just him holding me makes me feel so much better. Though every thing, all the fights, all the words that hurt each other we've managed to get through it. I've never had feelings like this for any one my entire life. He's the only person I want to be with. Id die if I lost him. I cant picture my life without him in my life. We both have lost so much, but its all been worth it. He means everything to me, and I'm so glad I have him in my life. I can honestly say he's the only person I want to spend the rest of my life with. I love him forever and always till the day I die <3

7*29*05- Forever and always

Me and Ryan <3 aka that amazing boy im referring to
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SoAmazed Yeh w.e 4/24/2006 09:06 - Subscribe
sad.gif So ryan just told me that he wont be home from like 4 till 11 or later on wensday.. it upset me becuase i was gonna was suprise and go see him.. but no hes going to an indians game.. that really upsets me

esp knowing i have to fucking wait all day..

gah i feel like crying. ive had such a bad fucking day. im sick of this day. i wisshed it was fucking over. its stupid..

besides the fact that these guys aat school are fucking assholes.. not that any one fucking cares.. ok

and me and ryan been fiting all fucking day bascally.. its getting kinda old. it just makes me mad becuase he can be such a fucking ass about shit. evne wen i fucking say im sorry but w.e

im going now

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SoAmazed Boring day 4/25/2006 10:10 - Subscribe
so today was pretty stupid.. i mean i had fun at school. some guys were writing me notes saying my boobs look nice lol.. its funny

but then wen i got home it was boring. ryan had to work at 5. and i was upset when he left and like b4 that. just becuase i cant talk to him 2 mar.. this sucks.. i really hope is grandmaw lets me go to that game 2 mar with him. id be the happiest girl alive.. .

n e wayz.. if not ill be upset o well tho..

soo.. umm.. courtneys bday is thursday. me and jordan and maybe mat will go to school earlier and decorate her locker. i told jordan i better get my locker decorated becuase its my 18th bday this year=] oo yehh

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SoAmazed ugh 4/29/2006 04:10 - Subscribe
k so i didnt have time last nite to make an entry but my night was good/bad

i went to school. it was fun me and these guys got in a rubber band fight untill i got my eye bruised lol. then wen i came home ryan was here. so we chilled here then. went out to crocker park and went to movies. walked around a bit. then these fucken kids threw a ball and busted the movie glass thing where the lights are it got on our heads.

so we left

then went to pick up daves lil bro tom.. and he was a a party. these kids that talked shit to ryan b4 was there so they got into it. i had to drag ryan to the car just so he woludnt fight.

then ryan kept gettind mad becuz im not used to guys trying to protect me so i got aggrivated cuz he kept telling me to put my seatbelt on. but yeh then we got into a fight today. wich is the 29th mine and his 9 month. it was stupid

im getten sick of fights but yeh.

i hope tonights much better.

considering its our 9 month and we didnt want to fight but we did online..

but i gotta get ready hes on his way over now..

i think we are gonna go to this party, then maybe the beach. but yehh

ill fill u in later

<3 bye loves
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SoAmazed PERFECT NIGHT 4/29/2006 10:56 - Subscribe
grin.gif grin.gif grin.gif IM like the happeiest person right now


me and ryan had the perfect night

heres wat happend

ryan was crying happy tears we wree at the beach holding eachother then we were in the car he was hold me and he started telling how i mean so much to him. how ive changed him and how happy he is. and started crying



i dk wat to say

perfect night

i get to wake up and go pick him up

for a nother perfect day

the end

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