Haunting in Carolina.
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About 18 years ago, when I was 16 years old, I lived in a house with some roomates who practiced black magic. They had made a Ouija Board and put it in an empty room called "The Spirits Room". I was told to stay out of there and I did. Strange things started happening. Things would disappear then reappear where they were lost, noises were heard, my bedroom was always chilly even during the summer and there were feelings of dread. One night about 12:30 a.m., (Roomates were out for the evening) and I had just went to bed with my boyfriend at the time, I heard the bedroom door open and something started moving across the floor moaning & growling. It came over to my side of the bed on the right and I could feel it above me. I felt paralyzed and laid there praying for protection. It then moved to the other side of the bed growling & moaning. It seemed like it was forever! Finally, it moved away from the bed and out the door. I laid in bed awake the whole night and refused to open my eyes.
The next morning, I woke up my boyfriend and asked him if he had noticed anything strange the night before. He told me the same exact story that I just told you in precise detail. He then said that he opened his eyes as the sounds had made there way towards the door. He said he seen a black figure with long wavy arms.
The next afternoon, I asked my roomates if they had experienced anything similar. I was told NO but, they informed me that they had contacted a spirit that was in the house and they were told by the female spirit that she was the one who had been playing the tricks on me moving things but there was a darker, evil spirit that was there and that someone in the house would be hurt. I had a blessing done in my room but the feelings of dread were still there. I moved from the house after that incident. I went back one time briefly for a visit but felt the same feelings.

This is one of several incidents that stirred my interest in the paranormal. I would go back to that house today if I still lived in North Carolina because I believe it has paranormal activity

Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers
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