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softy1 Hmm - Subscribe
Yeah, I guess he didn't see me like I thought he did. How can you just erase someone out of your life like that. I think its just me. But what it really is- is the friendship. It's not the same like before. As much as I've moved on, I still think about the past we had. It was so fun while it lasted. But it wasn't worth losing the friendship. It really wasn't. I wonder how he feels about it. Someones obviously keeping him updated on me. I dont mind. Just wonder who. Anyhow. Still got 4 hours up in this I need to do some work. Thank goodness Im off Monday and Tuesday. May be I'll have my sanity back. cool.gif
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softy1 Day II 4/12/2006 12:27 - Subscribe
Happy Monday. I know its Wednesday, but I was off Monday and Tuesday. So, I'm to the point where I want to ask my doc for some no-anxiety meds. I find myself at night figuring how I'm goin to pay for school. my performance, and all this other stuff. Ugh. What a life at 26, huh? Then I had a dream about my friend. I miss my friend. I don't think I'll ever have the heart to tell him that, but deep inside, it bothers me. Profoundly. Like even in my dreams.
On another note. I went to my school yesterday to talk about how Im gonna pay for it. Ha. Its almost like a joke. Like where on God's gracious Earth will I find green like that? Oh yeah I took little man to see Ice Age 2! How cool was that movie? He loved it. I loved it, and I love how it was just us 2. It was a mommy and me moment.
I cant stand my job anymore. I leave for 2 days and the person that covered for me, didn't do jack. So, is it really a vacation? is. Then after you come back and have paperwork piled on your desk from the last time you left it. I just need to vent. I'm tired and I know I need to hustle the next couple of days because I was gone. Mom emailed me. I should call her back. She bought me a nice gift for getting into the University...Apple's iBook..the 12incher. I'm blessed. And not to mention, Im finally almost done with paying my credit cards!!! Life is good and said it. I CANT REALLY complain. Vegas is coming up and dam, I cant wait to get FrUCKED up! Greenery, and double stacks. Yeeah.
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