Monday morning......
today is: Sep 16th, 2007 3:20:41 am - Subscribe
I am: thankful
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...should be a good morning. I have PT at 0630, as I do every MWF, then I dont have class until 1235. Somewhere, there in between, I am expecting a package from New Graham Knives. I have a Microtech Assailant and an INOVA LED flashlight coming via UPS. I am very excited about getting the package, to say the least. happy.gif

On a more somber note, I have some homework I need to get done and I have to get down to the ROTC building and get my yellow card because I am the First Sergeant this week, for our battalion. cool.gif After standing outside the club tonite for an hour and not getting in, I am ready for bed. Time to crash...
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your thoughts:

gyeroc - September 16th, 2007
Good Night, go you and your yellow card!


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