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someonenew intro - Subscribe
What really pisses me off is the fact that when I have a blog and I post on it alot - especially on the weekends - the people who read my blog(s) [i.e. my friends] all tell me to slow down on the posting so they can READ it and comment. This makes sense.
But I have to post a lot of weekends because I am 1) very bored on weekends and 2) usually surf the web so 3) I have lots of Internet information like - I began a new blog - or - here's some cool icons - or - there's this really awesome blog-hostee site - blah, blah, blah. With all the crapola that goes on these days it's a wonder I even continue blogging - but blogging is one of my passions, so I guess I ain't gonna stop.
I began this blog, and I guess it's gonna be kept secret mostly, 'cept for perhaps a couple friends, because on this blog I will be very different from what people usually know me as. Yeah. That's okay though.
A lot of what I write might be contradictory, might be elaborated on - or completely false. I might post a lot or very little. I might forget about this blog - but I doubt I will. I called the third (or so) personal blog I created - my Mood Blog, but it evolved into a daily life one, the one most of my friends read - well, this time, I expect this is really my mood blog.
Enough rambling.
Back to the intro.
As I was saying, a lot of what I write may be contradictory to what I have told you before, elaborated upon, or completely false - but there is a good reason.
This is a false blog.
My life on here - for the most part - is false.
In Ella Enchanted [by Gail Carson Levine] Ella told her Prince Char: "Yes, but I'll have no doings, or few. I shall invent, and you'll have to decide what is real."
Mood: sophisticated

someonenew green onions Mar 17th, 2007 4:57:42 pm - Subscribe
Today I was on the computer - laptop - and I was typing away and my mother is making lunch for us, kinda late.
Well, my dear and beloved ol' father told me to go wash green onions.
-How? I don't know what to do, says I.
-I will tell you, my dad says. Open the refrigerator.
I opened the fridge. -OK, I opened the fridge, I say.
-The second drawer from the bottom.
I opened the second drawer from the bottom and held up a bag of brown things.
-These are mushrooms!
-You mean you can't recognize them? My dad got up and took out a bag of cooked-lettuce looking things.
-Ah, I said.
-Then you wash them.
So I rinsed them.
-No, my mom said. Teach her how.
-O yes, Father, enlighten me with your wisdom, I said.
He gets up and cuts off one end of one stalk of green onion and then he rinses it off and preens the leaves.
-Is that all? I say.
-That's it, he says.
So I wash the second Stalk of Green Onion and then I place it in the sink for my mom.
We eat fried rice later - with green onions.
But this is not a very interesting story.
Schizoprenic? Schizo? What does that mean exactly? Apparently that is my mood right now. Schizo people have delusions and hallucinations. They talk to air. They are considered insane.
If you were at my house right now, perhaps you'd see the spirit floating in the air that I'm talking to. No one else I know can see it, but maybe you could.
-What do you think of my new weblog?, I ask the spirit.
-We didn't have weblogs when I was your age, says the spirit - a twenty-year old girl, Emma.
-But we do have weblogs now, I say. So what do you think of my new one?
A deliberate pause.
-It's interesting. I guess, Emma says half-heartedly.
-You don't understand the joys of blogging that I feel, I tell her.
Mood: schizophrenic

someonenew icons Mar 17th, 2007 5:24:25 pm - Subscribe
Aeonity let you have 3 avatars.
purple is royalty - for default
there is no way i'd go with you - when i comment
what's up - when i become someone's friend
I made them all myself.
Isn't that so special.
Not really.
I should probably stop bugging you all with my pathetic blog entries. Maybe read some other blogs. Find some other blog sites. I dunno.
Ah, what the freak.
There's a darned lot of P.D.A. going on in school. It makes me uncomfortable. Probably shouldn't - whoever is reading this is probably laughing - does it matter?
It's fine in books, if someone is kissed - but not when I actually see it. And comments about "tongueing" leave me sickened.
Shall I tell you about the time I was kissed?
It was in the time between spring and winter, in the place between sand and ocean - see, now I'm coining phrases from "Scarborough Fair."
It was moonset. And I was sitting on the water.
Oh, what the heck. I don't believe I shall continue this lie. I've never been kissed and don't particularly want to be either.
I blew $400 on books.
If only.
I won a laptop.
If only.
Man, I sure am depressed today.
Mood: impatient

someonenew thorns Mar 18th, 2007 8:28:24 pm - Subscribe
In my backyard there are a lot of rosebushes. I really love roses; they are very gorgeous. My favorite roses are the deep scarlet ones and the pure white ones.
This morning I got up very early and went out into the backyard to spend some time with the roses.
There was a new one that caught my eye that I hadn't seen before - but I hadn't been down to the garden in a long time. This rose was pink and white, and it was very perfectly formed - and not quite opened yet - it reminded me of this very beautiful arrangement of roses I had seen once.
I decided I wanted to take this rose and give it to someone - so I tried plucking it; but the thorns pricked my skin.
Mood: ugly

someonenew pictures Mar 18th, 2007 8:53:37 pm - Subscribe
stephenie meyer's site has some cool japan pictures of edward, bella, and jacob.
Mood: ugly