its week 12
Date: Apr 27th, 2006 7:01:10 am - Subscribe
Mood: childish

its not only wk 12.. its the ending of wekk 12!!!! sigh.. its not long before i leave melaka.. and.. its kinda sad actually.. whats tht.. my pandai punyer abang found me a room mate deee... i dowannnn! i dowannnnn! sigh... she's this working lady.. from seremban.. sigh... sighhhh.. SIGHHH!! sometimes i wanna be rich.. and no need to share room with ppl.. in MY OWN HOUSE!!! sigh. SIGHHHH!!! i know im such a baby at times... and i pity my brother for having a whiny sister like me.. but who can i whine to abt this things? only my bro rite? oh well... its too late.. im gonna have a roomie.. and i dont like.. i dont like!!
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