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Date: Feb 18th, 2008 8:31:08 pm - Subscribe
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So yesterday we all went to Disney Sea, much like the Disney Land adjoining it but with a nautical theme, and I have to say that it truly was a ‘magical’ experience. I haven’t felt such a sudden infusion of nostalgia in years. Upon entering the area reveals a large wharf/dock/Vienna like bay surrounded on all sides, unobtrusively, by the various attractions. Maddy, Ayumi, Nozomi, Yuka, and myself went to the Indiana Jones ride first which was such a blast that we went on it again before leaving, then we trekked on over to the Raging Spirits ride, a roller coaster that barely deserves the name since it only features on 360 loop, resulting in a terrified Maddy and the trio of Japanese girls laughing at my excited exclamations of “mouikkai!” (one more time!) They found it amusing that I love scary rides and thought it strange that I thought the monster in Journey to the Center of the Earth ride was beautiful. It so totally was, aside from the scream-like roars it produced, it was a rainbow assortment of reds and golds, vivid green eyes, had a burnished shiny appearance, and was about 30 feet tall. What else would I call it?

We ate lunch at Ariel’s Mermaid Kingdom, which was this amazing ‘underwater’ playground. It even had a huge whale with a blinking eye housing the gift shop. We ran around the kids playground, tumbled into all the netted enclosures, and climbed all over the Prince Erik statue like good role models. The outside of the Kingdom was this amazingly elaborate shell/seaweed/jewel encrusted monstrosity that towered over you as you entered. Every section of the park was intricately detailed. Aladdin’s Palace was an actual palace allowing you to walk around in the courtyard, sit at the fountain, and browse the movie-like market place. The Tower of Terror had a nifty trick at the top of the elevator ride wherein a vista of the park was revealed to you, displaying how high you actually were before dropping you like dead weight all the way down the ‘hotel’.

The whole experience was topped off after dark with a beautifully done ‘ancient story’ acted out with entrancing music and water jets followed by the ‘fire creatures’ appearance from the firework shooting volcano and his flame throwers accompanied by heavy drums. This all took place in the center bay area and I can honestly say, despite myself, that I was completely taken in. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Maddy and I were also able to practice some hard core Japanese all day with the trio. I made some new friends at the huge gift shop near the entrance before leaving. They were standing in front of the intimidating collection of Pooh Bears that swayed drunkenly when you clapped near them. These two Japanese guys that looked about my age would glance at me, smile, and provoke the Pooh Bears into another round of swiveling. Such charming behavior had me approaching a nearby display of Donald Duck hand puppets, to which one of the guys responded by inserting his hand into one and gesturing at my face saying “herro, herro”. I can honestly say that I’ve never been hit on with a hand puppet before, but I found the attempt so endearing that I reacted on my first impulse. I stuck my hand in the nearest hand puppet brought up to his face and said “konbowa” (good evening). We giggled and ‘handpuppeted’ to each other until they were distracted by the return of the third member of their party, and I slipped away to find Maddy in the throng.

Writing about this today, I find myself in a slight daze of intense exhaustion. Walking around all day in albeit nice weather is incredibly tiring. Using this excuse, I will cute this update short and end it here.

Next time: Fireman Nomikai the sequel! Ken’s birthday Nomihoudai (all you can drink)! And finally, Poker at the BC!

Ja ne


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