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Runescape: Quest Cape Skill Requirements(part two)

Apr 27th, 2010 11:14:13 pm - Subscribe

Here you can enjoy the cheapest Runescape Money:
Firemaking - 61 * - (Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf)

Crafting - 66 - (Rocking Out)

Mining in Runescape- 66 - (Nomad's Requiem)

Smithing - 69 - (Rocking Out)

Herblore - 65 * - (While Guthix Sleeps)

Agility - 69 - (Within the Light)

Thieving - 66 * - (Curse of Arrav)

Slayer - 65 - (Blood Runs Deep)

Farming - 65 * - (While Guthix Sleeps)

Runecrafting - 50 -(Devious Minds)

Hunter - 65 - (Nomad's Requiem)

Construction - 60 - (Nomad's Requiem)

Summoning - 41 - (Curse of Arrav)

Combat level(Runescape powerleveling)- 85 - (Dream Mentor/Smoking Kills).

Levels marked with an asterisk (*) have been CONFIRMED as being reachable using stat boosters (stews, potions, beers etc.).
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Runescape: Quest Cape Skill Requirements

Apr 25th, 2010 6:59:21 pm - Subscribe

Total Quest(Runescape Gold) Points available: 300

Other requirements for the Quest Cape in Runescape:

* You must have defeated Bork in the Chaos Tunnels
* You must have 100% restored Senliten
* You must have 125 Kudos at Varrock Museum
* You must have completed the Easy, Medium and Hard Fremennik Achievement Diaries.
* You must have completed the Soul Wars tutorial and Knights' Wave training
* You must have played Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup and Soul Wars

Attack - 75 - (Blood Runs Deep)

Defence - 65 - (King's Ransom/While Guthix Sleeps)

Strength - 75 - (Blood Runs Deep)

Hitpoints - no quest requirement!

Ranged - 75 - (Within the Light)

Prayer - 70 - (Nomad's Requiem)

Magic - 75 - (While Guthix Sleeps/Nomad's Requiem)

Cooking - 70 * - (Recipe for Disaster)

Woodcutting - 75 - (Within the Light)

Fletching - 70 - (Within the Light)

Fishing - 62 * - (Swan Song)

Would you like to buy professional Runescape powerleveling? If so, please come here and our website will never let you down. Just feel free to contact us at any time.
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Runescape information: Woodcutting at Lower Levels

Apr 12th, 2010 11:01:27 pm - Subscribe

We collect some usefulRunescape information on Woodcutting at Lower Levels:
A choice of paths- Willow logs.
Levels 31- 45,60,68, or 99.

Very Detailed Description: Take advantage of the best hatchet that you can use. The cheapest Runescape Gold is offered in our website. Teleport to Barbarian Assault using a Games Necklace, and woodcut Willow trees. There are 8 willow trees there near the Deposit Box. There is a deposit box right in the building, just deposit your 28 willow logs there. There are also 5 in Draynor village. In Catherby, sort of near the Flax Field, there are also 5 trees here, and they are not many people. That's basically all the good places to woodcut Willows. Here's a chart.

Barbarion Assault willows - Very crowded. A lot of trees are the closest to the bank. Rating 1 being worst, 10 being best is:
Draynor Village- Second best place. May be crowded, 5 willow trees here. Very close to the bank.

Catherby-Not very crouded, sort of close to the bank. Rating:
6. By the way, if you want to buy professional Runescape powerleveling, please go to our site and have a look, we have enough stock anytime.

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Guide for Mele in P2P Combat of Runescape

Apr 8th, 2010 9:56:55 pm - Subscribe

We all know that Melee is inportant part in P2P combat of the game. As melee training with any close combat weapon(Runescape Gold) such as swords, daggers, and fists. They have count(att, str and def) of many types of melee at different levels.

So melee is recommended to level up all of them to the apropriate level before moving to the next monster. You should head directly north to the cows in lumbridge after you start your journey in Runescape.

Cows are very annoying for lower levels(Runescape powerleveling), hitting 1 a lot. It is recommended you wear some armour before fighting them. You need to know about cows. It is level 2 which have low att,def and str and 80 LP. So it just hits one commonly on low levels.

You can go to lumbridge cow pen to get it. And you can get 100% bones, beef, cowhide Rare: Gold Charms, Blue Charms. So Cowhides are a good profit for lower levels. You can reserved for future training for the level 20-40.

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Guide for Level 1-99 for Magic in Runescape

Apr 5th, 2010 11:10:02 pm - Subscribe

You can startout magic by casting the elemental strike spells on low level(Runescape Gold) monsters such as cows, chickens, and goblins. It helps to have an air staff. Then you can move on to the Curse spell and casted it on the Magic Dummies in Lumbridge when you at level 20.

You can movw on to teleporting, starting at the level 25 Varrock teleport and moving up to the Camelot teleport which helps to have an air staff. With your level up, you can start to use the High Level Alchemy spell and casted it on mostly yew longbows in Runescape.

Once you are at level(Runescape powerleveling) 80, you can cast the Stun spell which normally gives 90xp. But with the help of Sacred clay armour, which doubles the xp of combat spells, we were able to obtain 180xp per cast! we casted on the Dummies on Lumbridge once again. It also helps to have a mud battlestaff or mystic mud staff.

There's this spell that's called String Jewellery at level 80 on the Lunar Magic spellbook. It strings an amulet without wool and one cast auto-casts your whole inventory. This was really quick but also really expensive, costing around 25m.

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