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Guide for Level 1-99 for Magic in Runescape

Apr 5th, 2010 11:10:02 pm - Subscribe

You can startout magic by casting the elemental strike spells on low level(Runescape Gold) monsters such as cows, chickens, and goblins. It helps to have an air staff. Then you can move on to the Curse spell and casted it on the Magic Dummies in Lumbridge when you at level 20.

You can movw on to teleporting, starting at the level 25 Varrock teleport and moving up to the Camelot teleport which helps to have an air staff. With your level up, you can start to use the High Level Alchemy spell and casted it on mostly yew longbows in Runescape.

Once you are at level(Runescape powerleveling) 80, you can cast the Stun spell which normally gives 90xp. But with the help of Sacred clay armour, which doubles the xp of combat spells, we were able to obtain 180xp per cast! we casted on the Dummies on Lumbridge once again. It also helps to have a mud battlestaff or mystic mud staff.

There's this spell that's called String Jewellery at level 80 on the Lunar Magic spellbook. It strings an amulet without wool and one cast auto-casts your whole inventory. This was really quick but also really expensive, costing around 25m.

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