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Guide for Mele in P2P Combat of Runescape

Apr 8th, 2010 9:56:55 pm - Subscribe

We all know that Melee is inportant part in P2P combat of the game. As melee training with any close combat weapon(Runescape Gold) such as swords, daggers, and fists. They have count(att, str and def) of many types of melee at different levels.

So melee is recommended to level up all of them to the apropriate level before moving to the next monster. You should head directly north to the cows in lumbridge after you start your journey in Runescape.

Cows are very annoying for lower levels(Runescape powerleveling), hitting 1 a lot. It is recommended you wear some armour before fighting them. You need to know about cows. It is level 2 which have low att,def and str and 80 LP. So it just hits one commonly on low levels.

You can go to lumbridge cow pen to get it. And you can get 100% bones, beef, cowhide Rare: Gold Charms, Blue Charms. So Cowhides are a good profit for lower levels. You can reserved for future training for the level 20-40.

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