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Guide To Gathering Mort Myre Fungi in Runescape

Apr 2nd, 2010 11:24:27 pm - Subscribe

You can get 945 if you have perfect run absolute maximum amount. There have two clicks to fairy ring from edgeville, about 12 seconds. First you need to teleport to zaniris and entering code,about 5 seconds. We'll round up to 20 seconds keep it even another 3 seconds to get to the spot is 23 seconds. You can buy Runescape Gold from our site when you need.

If you have a pack yack and the maximum 26 open inventory spots, that's 56 total spot's for fungi in Runescape. 56 divided by we'll say 2 mushrooms per bloom cast (on 3 logs), it will take 28 bloom casts to get a full inventory, and probably 6 seconds per cast (to actually cast spell and collect fungi). It will then take you probably 10 seconds to tele home, charge at alter, tele to edgeville and run to the bank.

So the total seconds for one trip is 23+(28X4)+10, which is 201 seconds, or 3 minutes and 20 seconds per trip on a perfect run. 60/3.25 is 18.46 trips per hour, but we'll call it 18 for simplicity's sake. 18 trips times 56 fungi per trip is 1008 fungi per hour with a perfect run. Use our Runescape powerleveling service will make the game more interesting.

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Firemaking Guide for Runescape

Apr 1st, 2010 3:57:13 am - Subscribe

First you need 61 normal logs to get it to 15 which is 2411 XP at level(Runescape Gold) 1. There have 61 normal logs cost 1830 gp or you could just cut them yourself. You will get 13,363 XP when you are level 15 with 183 oak logs or 274 normal logs.

When you are at level 30 in Runescape. You will need to got 535 willow logs, 803 oak logs or 1204 normal logs which can give you 61,512 XP from firemaking. 1573 maple logs, 2359 willow logs, 3538 oak logs or 5306 normal logs will be need to get when you at level 45. From these you will have 273,742 XP.

With your level(Runescape powerleveling) up, you will need more. 4626 yew logs, 6939 maple logs, 10,408 willow logs, 15,612 oak logs or 23,417 normal logs for the level 60. And the exp will be 1,210,421 at level 60. You need 38,927 magic logs, 58,391 yew logs, 87,586 maple logs, 131,378 willow logs, 197,067 oak logs or 295,601 normal logs when you at level 75 and the exp is 13,034,431 XP.

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Weapons Guide for Runescape

Mar 28th, 2010 10:19:31 pm - Subscribe

You can choose bronze which is best type of weapon(Runescape Gold) when you start the game. You will reach many different requirements that will enable you to wield a large number of new and powerfull weapons as you train your attack level. Dont forget to train strength and defence though, as these will also allow you to purchase a wealth of weapons.

As a Runescape player, with a range of Runescape weapons which are accompanied with a special attack. Special attacks which append Runescape weapons can boost your stats, deal extra damage on your opponent or hit your opponent multiple times with each attack.

When you click on the Special Attack bar in Runescape, one "portion" of your special attack is used up, reducing your Special Attack from 100%, down to however much is left after one "portion" is used.

You can use your Runescape weapon with the special attack effect when you have enough percentage left of your Special Attack bar. You will have to wait for the Special Attack bar to refill before you are able to use the special attack effect with your Runescape weapon again if you do not have the required percentage of Special Attack left.

Abyssal Whip is obtainable through purchase from other players, or if you are a high enough Slayer level(Runescape powerleveling), you can defeat Abyssal Demons in the chance that they will drop one. Other players however, will disagree and argue that Barrows weapons are the most powerful and most effective weapons in the whole game.

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Skill Points Guide in Runescape

Mar 24th, 2010 10:07:48 pm - Subscribe

Skill is very inportant in Runescape which determine how well balanced your account is. Most skillers use this to determine how good a skiller they are in game. Such as if you have 15, you are perfectly balanced. 17+ Skill points is classified as skiller. This formula gives how many total levels(Runescape Money) you have for one combat level.

We can see the lowest possible skill point is 5.74 which was take from 138 Combat with all combat maxed(This is very hard to do but it is not impossible.). And the highest possible skill point is 531 which you need 3 Combat with 1594 (99 Slayer included). It is also hard especially with 99 slayer now. We think it wont happen in Runescape.

There have the formula for the total level(Runescape powerleveling) and combat level for the character. From a good player, his skill point is rarely lucky he said. It is 1351/73 which means 18.5. As we know he will gain levels fast if he can update more offenly. So current records is Uva (Falmi): 22.3 for Highest skill points and Comprendo (Morconi87): 7.78 for the lowest skill point.

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Jagex Moderators in Runescape

Mar 19th, 2010 3:53:53 am - Subscribe

Jagex Moderator have the same abilities as both a Player and more. One way is the word "Mod" always comes before their usernames. When someone gets a job with Jagex they are given a Jagex Moderator account for work purposes. Another way is by the Runescape Gold crown that appears next to their names. So Jagex Moderators can be recognized by two different ways.

Jagex Moderators cannot trade, attack, be attacked, or have assistance requested. They can however, make any item appear in their inventory and also they can alter their levels (Runescape powerleveling). There is currently a team of 400 Jagex Moderators that all have different jobs outside the game for maintaining the game.

Another ability they have to the ability to open the P-Mod room, which is a room where strictly confidential topics are discussed by Player Moderators under the inspection of at least one Jagex Moderator. Jagex Moderators or more commonly known as J-Mods, do not actually play the game. They use their accounts for work purposes only. They do get paid for their jobs at Jagex in Runescape.

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