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Skill Points Guide in Runescape

Mar 24th, 2010 10:07:48 pm - Subscribe

Skill is very inportant in Runescape which determine how well balanced your account is. Most skillers use this to determine how good a skiller they are in game. Such as if you have 15, you are perfectly balanced. 17+ Skill points is classified as skiller. This formula gives how many total levels(Runescape Money) you have for one combat level.

We can see the lowest possible skill point is 5.74 which was take from 138 Combat with all combat maxed(This is very hard to do but it is not impossible.). And the highest possible skill point is 531 which you need 3 Combat with 1594 (99 Slayer included). It is also hard especially with 99 slayer now. We think it wont happen in Runescape.

There have the formula for the total level(Runescape powerleveling) and combat level for the character. From a good player, his skill point is rarely lucky he said. It is 1351/73 which means 18.5. As we know he will gain levels fast if he can update more offenly. So current records is Uva (Falmi): 22.3 for Highest skill points and Comprendo (Morconi87): 7.78 for the lowest skill point.

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