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Runescape Economy

May 2nd, 2010 9:12:03 pm - Subscribe

This thread is about the RuneScape economy in Runescape and how changed. You can buy cheap Runescape Gold from our site.

Every player knows that Runescape's economy is correlative with the real life economy. You have supply and demand, basic economics, right? Many players know about Merchanting clans. Merchanting clans have always been here. Merchanting clans is different from Manipulation clans.

The economy in real life also deals with things like merchants (in this case, investors). In most countries, we have laws stating how much money can be made, and how is backed up (usually by gold bars). The country prints money and only creates a certain amount per day. Then the country also tracks money. They watch how money moves from hand to hand, and make more money based on this. By the way, you can enjoy the most secure Runescape powerleveling if you would like.

Our RuneScape economy has no dictation on how much money is created. (by PvP statues). We also have very few money sinks now. Summoning and Construction do help, but not enough to count for the PvP statues. PvP statues add billions of coins into the game, daily! We are slowly adding so much money into the game to the point where we cannot lose enough to supply for this.

Alchemy spells used to be able to create money. When lots of people did alchemy,We would be able to track because prices would go up. More money going into the game means Higher

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Knowledge of Primary Entry about Aika

May 2nd, 2010 7:49:00 pm - Subscribe

There are two main systems in Aika named PvP system and the nation system. To PvP system, there are three major PvP modes. Comprehensive ways for players to experience the thrill of virtual conflict, Castle Siege, and Relic War-which provide large scale. You can buy cheap Aika Gold in our website to make your game more interesting. Five nations of the Aika offers 2 of these models (Castle siege warfare and cultural heritage) 3 were the cornerstone, because it allows team members to achieve the formation of large groups themselves can have a significant impact on the world game is the goal.

In Castle Sieges, for example, guilds within a single nation can ally and storm the nation's ultimate seat of power to overthrow the ruling regime. The new leaders then have a great deal of control over the workings of the entire nation, including its taxation, law enforcement, and its relationship to other nations. If international relations turn sour, well, then you might see the "1000 vs. 1000" warfare which sets Aika apart from other PVP-focused MMORPGs.

However, this does not means just the players lack of experience in any way, there are more than 1000 tasks in a beautiful world to achieve more immersive story, six kinds of skills can be customized very easily drafting system. Of course, the character class, the Pran, a familiar NPC fairy tale who accompanied the players and supporting his or her various adventures.By the way, we provide Aika powerleveling service for your character. Function is completely PVE game, the hundreds of monsters, challenging attacks, and instances of dungeons, players can choose one of four difficulty levels. Aika really is the complete package.

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Suggestion for Paladin in Aika

Apr 24th, 2010 2:23:34 am - Subscribe

This is about some suggestion for paladin in Aika , by the way if you want to level up your character we provide the most secure Aika Powerleveling service for your character. Here we can provide you with the cheapest price, if you place an order from us, you will share the fastest delivery.

When going in party for a dungeon, try to ask first the paladin if what level is his/her provoke, what armor does he have. Another is remind your party mates to bring pots! RED and BLUE. It is very important! tell them to use it when they are being attacked. so that you can breath healing the most important damage taker of the party.

Pala dies, next cleric will die. all others will die also. Always take on your mind that clerics are SUPPORT character(cheap aika gold). Your role is to support the party, not to feed them. They must also have their own responsibility in their own HP. It is a matter of seconds to take back the agro from party members, if they are attacked do not run away from the pala, instead go beside him so that the pala wont have hard time taking back the agro. Remind them stop attacking certain mobs or boss if they are attacked.

Be sure to focus healing on the paladin. Memorize Mobs which have AOE attacks, so you can take some distance when your pala tanking. Do not afraid if you can't see the other members.
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Anticlerical leveling line in Aika

Apr 18th, 2010 10:54:16 pm - Subscribe

In Aika personal recommend :level(aika gold) 1-40, Dan Lian will do if the task, or find someone to play with a copy of the smoking experience. Level(aika Powerleveling) 40-50: make mine a copy of the task increases, upgrade fast, but also earn money and equipment.

Level 50-51: pain came, only a main line transfer task, and (first, only the main line in front of unfinished tasks can receive, not later Nobody is allowed to ask why then transfer tasks; second, not the task ahead do the task can be done to upgrade.) finished the task, only desperately killing, playing a copy of upgrading to 100% of the time to complete the transfer task to rise to level 51. (In Taiwan, there is a 50 before service can be used, for experience, the task of props - Diamond, a 50,000 experience.).

Level 51-54: Spring to slightly. Eagle family organizer to brush it, two knights sword fight 2 make up one Division one Master's dream combination, fixed, up unlimited groups plus division, Knight pull strange group of thugs who Gongsha on it, upgrade fast.

Level 54-60: leveling a branch line there. Like Dan Lian, equipment, good teachers can make up the entrance to the camp division Sigma group of strange, some player on level 55-56 on the train there, one day on the rise, and efficiency high, the monster died twice. (Photo 1, skill set, see Section III, violent complement division.) Like the militia's complement division, you can talk to friends, the door to heaven altar to kill dinosaurs, efficiency is very high, not tired, and still make a profit. Like a copy of the completed division, the sky could be copy to play with the group, experience high, equipment and more knew the rose.

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Guide about Agility Course in Runescape

Apr 18th, 2010 10:53:27 pm - Subscribe

We know the Wilderness Agility Course which is recommended high healing food (sharks, monkfish, etc) as this Agility course is in the high level(Runescape Gold) wilderness where Revenants like to roam about. These revenants can deal high damage and not only can teleblock you, but freeze you also.

This Agility course is very dangerous and it is not recommended you bring anything WORTH over 50k in Runescape. To make your way to this course, teleport to Ardougne, grab a knife from the bank and walk west until you cross a bridge then walk north until you find a teleportation lever.

You should find yourself in the high levels(Runescape powerleveling) of the wilderness now. Slash the web in front of you and walk west until you reach the wilderness Agility course. This course is fairly simple, cross the ledge leading into the course and make your way to the pipes.

Once through the pipes you will see a rope swing followed by a stepping stone obstacle and a log obstacle, these three obstacles you can fall on, so watch out. Once completed, climb the rock wall in front of you and finish the course. Each lap gives 571.4 agility experience which in total is approximately 42,000 experience per hour.

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