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Runescape Economy

May 2nd, 2010 9:12:03 pm - Subscribe

This thread is about the RuneScape economy in Runescape and how changed. You can buy cheap Runescape Gold from our site.

Every player knows that Runescape's economy is correlative with the real life economy. You have supply and demand, basic economics, right? Many players know about Merchanting clans. Merchanting clans have always been here. Merchanting clans is different from Manipulation clans.

The economy in real life also deals with things like merchants (in this case, investors). In most countries, we have laws stating how much money can be made, and how is backed up (usually by gold bars). The country prints money and only creates a certain amount per day. Then the country also tracks money. They watch how money moves from hand to hand, and make more money based on this. By the way, you can enjoy the most secure Runescape powerleveling if you would like.

Our RuneScape economy has no dictation on how much money is created. (by PvP statues). We also have very few money sinks now. Summoning and Construction do help, but not enough to count for the PvP statues. PvP statues add billions of coins into the game, daily! We are slowly adding so much money into the game to the point where we cannot lose enough to supply for this.

Alchemy spells used to be able to create money. When lots of people did alchemy,We would be able to track because prices would go up. More money going into the game means Higher

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