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From the moment you're born, this world is trying to destroy you.

Think I'm just being a pessimist? Look at it. I'm not saying it's all bad, but it's full of hazards like disease, drugs, money, cigarettes, mental disorders, things that explode, misplaced banana peels...

Every year a person manages to survive is in this clusterfuck is a noteworthy accomplishment, a measurement of strength. Some people count those years and hang them on the wall, others feel ashamed and try to hide them, and the rest really don't care enough to talk about it.

The world will try to make you feel like shit for not accomplishing things by a certain age or not "acting your age". This is another one of its methods of sabotage, stemming from an outdated, monolithic social construct. People who let its influence affect their own sense of achievement are letting it destroy their body and mind.

Like the old saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure"... One man's accomplishments are another man's failures.

I can imagine someone chancing upon this site interpreting these thoughts as those of as a cantankerous old man. Nah, I won't be one of those for at least another 40 years. I can't wait, those will be the greatest years of my life.

EDIT: a few hours later, Steve Jobs died... RIP

I've been online since 1991. Yup, that's right, since before Delphi introduced the first commercial at-home internet package. I've been "blogging" since before that obnoxious term was coined.

Pouring out this Fanta Pineapple for you, old pal.

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