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Dear CIA,

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I don't care if you killed JFK, or if you distributed crack in California in the late 80s and early 90s. I don't care about you rigging elections, participating in undeclared acts of war, or lacing pop music with binaural beats.

In regards to any former question of my allegiance, this country treats its expatriates terribly, which would make any potential decision to unlawfully flee rather irrational. Instead, I think I should finish my international economics degree (I may have changed majors four times, but I never dropped out of college... but you already know that), and ultimately seek employment that both allows and requires me to explore the world.

I can say this truthfully: the "American dream" has completely failed this individual. I stopped believing when I was a kid, around the same I figured out about Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. The thing is, I do not speak for everyone. For many, this little game works.

The most amazing and inspiring real-life people I've ever known are not native-born Americans. With the exception of anyone who may possibly be reading this, the vast majority of Americans I've met are completely delusional, their minds having been shaped by a culture whose very principles are centered around worldly possessions. They serve as simple economic units, buying products crafted in other countries, making the rounds at jobs they don't care about. Then they go protest about it, instead of finding something more meaningful.

America has military bases in over a hundred countries, but more importantly, we have embassies as well. I already know two languages, why not learn a few more? Language is just a science, like anything else. The more languages one knows, the stronger effect one can have on the world.

I'm not here to apologize for the American way. To apologize for being one's self is weak. The rest of the world benefits from us, but for whatever reason, the vast majority here chooses to revel in the weakest parts of our culture.

Maybe I'll go to law school later. Maybe I'll look into lobbying, or market analysis. Maybe I'll teach English (though I admittedly would not be able to cope with the payment)... I guess I should finish what I'm doing first.

So there, CIA/FBI/Secret Service/Illuminati. I don't hate America, I'm one of the good guys. I want to see it do well, and I'm one of the people who helps other people see that too.

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