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I've been pretty far away from where I grew up for a few months now, I guess I it's only natural to express how it feels

it doesn't feel like anything

this world is so tiny... but it's the biggest thing any of us will ever be able to interact with.

I think I'm going to invest in a good telescope, start driving out to the mountains every once in a while to check out what's going on upstairs

The cities seem so enthralling and exciting , but they become bleak and predictable with time and experience.

Our minds are meted out to a science... We are walking postulates and theorems. We can change the value of our personal variables but we can't bend the framework that guides us to act. We can arrange the elements around us however we see fit, but even the wildest artists and inventors are bound by unflinching laws of order.

From where I'm sitting right now now, I can see every ziggurat-temple and their sweeping light displays occupying this stretch of earth, I can hear the unceasing roar of our intricate contraptions echo off the steel and concrete, each one a staggering example of our potency, a testament to our existence.

With the exception of the oceans, this world his mapped out. I'm sure someone, somewhere, holds the blueprints for a civilization that covers every section of entire world's inhabitable crust. There is little in the world left to explore.

In my time, I have chosen to see many places one ought not see. Not places of stone and iron, but places of the mind, places of being. Every kind of pain and suffering man is capable of withstanding, I have stood steadfast in the wake thereof. I do not lament or cry over what is lost. I conquer it. I feel no need to dwell on, or even notice any hardship that may befall me in the path ahead. It is all inconsequential now that the motions have been set.

From this perch at the top of this building, surveying this monumental complex continuously unfolding around me, I forget my young age. I forget my healthy body and my blessing of a competent mind. I feel centuries old. I feel like I have died a thousand times and been reborn each time. I feel like I have changed the world, but have not moved a single pebble.

I feel enormous... and I feel microscopic.

and it still doesn't feel like anything.

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