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Wanna know something crazy? I'm a confirmed Catholic. I can't say I still practice, but I'm not an atheist.

That seems to piss way more people off than the fact that I like other dudes.

I spent many years recklessly attacking the entire world of spirituality, due to my reservations with the church... As time passed, I saw enough suffering to understand where it comes from and how to prevent it in my own life.

I have seen, perhaps one too many times, that I am capable of enacting grand works of evil. If I can see such evil, then by default, the opposite must exist as well.

A person can believe in a god and do horrible things. A person can be an atheist and do great things.... The most important thing I've ever realized is that the vice-versa is just as true.

Wishing "Woe to the unbelievers" is just as criminally simple-minded as "woe to the believers"...

"God" is the great unknown. It's the question that cannot be answered. The unanswerable question causes us to strive for more, continuously, generation after generation. All of this debate over science vs religion is petty. One cannot exist without the other.

A scientist, even if he or she is an atheist, is capable of faith. They put faith in their discovery. They put faith in their tools to lead them to that discovery. Whether or not anyone believes in God is inconsequential.

In order for their voice to be heard in society today, a priest must have air conditioning, lights, and a microphone in their church at the very least. The message of the church cannot be spread to every stretch of the world without the advancements of science.

It is easy to attack religion. Many atrocities have been committed in the name of "God" in every culture. In order to know spirituality, one must know that the gods that cause suffering, or are used to pardon suffering, are false. Any god who judges and condemns is false. Those are the roles of man.

All throughout life, we are given roles by ourselves or other people... In my short time on earth, I have lived the roles of a rich man, a beggar, a scholar, an asshole, a genius, an idiot, a nerd, a lover, a programmer, a delivery guy, an artist, a musician, a winner, a loser... but they are all the same. They are the same because those roles are just moments in time, given titles centered around actions and materials. They are all fleeting things, words in the air, just as this life, this body, and this world are. Some day, I will die. Those roles will die with me.

God is given roles by those same people. God is the creator, the destroyer, the infinite source of love and wisdom, the cause of our woes, the sun in the sky, God is holy, God is damned, God is real, God is fake, God is whatever people want it to be. When those people die, their roles for God die too, but God does not die with them.

When a man is stripped of his roles, what is left beneath? What lies under our clothes, our flesh, and our minds? What is behind the energy that moves those things?

The world is flawed. We are flawed with it. It is impossible to change those things. However, we can choose to hone our mind to see beyond those flaws. As individuals, we can choose to take part in destruction, to increase the flaws, which inevitably causes our minds to bend and twist in ways that hurt us... Or we can create and contribute to this world, rearrange its allotment of materials in an order that makes it stronger.

What exactly defines a flaw? It varies from person to person... Boldness to one may be construed as pompous aggressiveness to another. The flaw is not the action, but the fact that the observers are limited in their ability to perceive the pure action, and doomed to judge it. I'm not saying that flaws are a matter of perspective, I'm saying that the matter of perspective is the flaw.

In eastern philosophy, an individual with an inferior practice must forfeit their former beliefs if logically disproved by another individual's superior practice. The philosophy can be superior, but the person is not.

The path is not mine to choose for anyone. I am not here to convert anyone to anything.

Every single person on earth engages in ritualistic behavior, everyone has faith in something, but we all call it something different.

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