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ssloverr ~~New Blog~~ - Subscribe
Fially, I find a blog host that fits me~~~lala
I have a new home now
Mood: elated

ssloverr Finished^ ^ May 4th, 2005 4:34:17 am - Subscribe
Finish all the settings and now feel so pleased~~~~
What a happy holiday~~
Having watched film <極道2>
Sigh, I am really disassistant to the beautiful things.......- -
e, having watched and now I love tianyuan now= =....Such beautiful voice~+ +
Please ignore me........
Mood: happy

ssloverr ..about our love and sex May 4th, 2005 7:41:32 am - Subscribe
After watching ,I think about sth about love. What's love? What love should be? I am puzzled. Actually, maybe I even don't know what love is now. I just know I love her through comics, films, novels etc.
It is amusing, isn't it?
In , the butterfly and the leaf, almost all their love is sex. All the time they are together is spent on eating or coffeeing or sexing.......That's all
I am almost beaten, my belief about love.I thought that love was laughing together, crying together, painful together and happy together, and more, besides these, sex.Maybe sex is a proof of love, I thought.
Sister Mao helps me. What she said firms my belief. Not all the love is sex.
Sex is just a proof.
Just now, a strong idea occurs that I wanna take a photo of myself .Myself in the mirror.
What may it be?Amusing or lonely?
I don't know.
What the point is, = =my camera was taken by my father to my grandma's home|||||||'s just a willing.......or a wish to current me-_-b
Mood: abnormal
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ssloverr 試下繁體。。。 May 4th, 2005 9:20:50 am - Subscribe
- -+

All the darlings see this's the result of printing Chinese
Please speak English
spell announciation(e.g. yu men)
Mood: sour

ssloverr What a long and short holiday May 5th, 2005 8:20:22 pm - Subscribe
How stupid I am T-T I deleted all the words I have enterd!!!
Oh no!
I had been upset before and now I am even more upset.........

Who can tell me how to upload my own pictures in my local disc? Thx very much.......
Mood: sad