The Heat is On
Date: Apr 23rd, 2006 8:20:40 pm - Subscribe
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No cool air in the middle of the summer months would not be a pleasant situation. I would have to contact the head of maintenance for the district and the superintendent and have someone called to come look at our cooling units and find the problem. In the meantime I would ask the custodians to think of any jobs that need to be done outside. Another option is to bring in as many large fans as posssible to help the situation. Perhaps working a split shift would also help...allowing the custodians to leave during the hottest part of the day. Board policy states that "All buildings shall be properly ventilated and provided with an adequate supply of drinking water, an approved sewage disposal system, handwashing facilities, a heating system, and lighting facilities, all of which shall conform with established standards of good public health engineering practices." I am not sure if having to provide a heating system includes having a cooling unit or not...I would have to call to be sure because I would not want to be in any conflict with policy!
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Barbara Shouldn't Be Promoted
Date: Apr 23rd, 2006 7:56:52 pm - Subscribe
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There are several factors that I must consider when responding. First, what kind of parent is Mrs. Marshall? Is she the type of parent that makes allegations and complaints on a weekly basis? I should also take into consideration any other incidents with the teacher, Mrs. Nelson. Do you have lots of complaints on her or is she an outstanding teacher? It is difficult to believe that a teacher would pass a student just because...but passing ALL students regardless is a practice that some teachers are guilty of. I would hope that I wouldn't have this situation, but if so I must react accordingly. According to board policy listed below, the teacher should have documentation showing what grades were raised to a 70 after reteaching occurred. (Students not mastering the essential knowledge and skills receive reteaching and then a reevaluation of whether they have mastered the knowledge and skills. To document this, any nonmastery grades below 70 shall be recorded in the grade book with a slash to document nonmastery of the essential knowledge and skills (i.e., /64). A student must attend an assigned tutorial session or sessions before any reassessment occurs. The second assessment grade shall be an alternative assessment. This grade shall then be placed above the slash with the alternative assessment grade being no higher than 70. Only the higher of the two grades shall be used when averaging grades.) This documentation will help in talking to the mother and explaining the reteaching that happened and how the grade recorded was the higher of the two. The fact that Barbara was promoted regardless of achievement test data shows that she is on grade level in reading. If she were not, she would have failed the Reading portion of the TAKS and would be retained regardless of what grades Mrs. Nelson had given her in the classroom. I have to think then that maybe the mom is referring to the math portion of the test. It is a concern to me as principal that a student can pass all year long and then fail a standardized test. I hope this is an uncommom occurance and not a situation where everyone is passing the course but lots of kids are failing the test. This would show that perhaps we have a problem with assessments in the classroom being too easy.
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What's the Matter With Craig?
Date: Apr 16th, 2006 8:35:39 pm - Subscribe

Craig sounds as if he is creating problems among his grade level after reading this note. However, I must investigate and find out the facts as the two sides see them. Craig may be shocked to hear the allegations that have been brought against him. One thing I know for sure is that one should never assume they know who is telling the truth. I should always investigate the situation and determine by facts who is being truthful. Has Cindy Matson and the other team members talked to Craig about his behavior? Is Craig's bad attitude carrying on into the classroom? How have Cindy and the other teachers tried thus far to handle the situation? I would meet with the teachers individually to find out what was going on and then assess the situation to determine what is in the best interest of all involved. If the team is having such a hard time getting along, then moving personnel around would be an option. Sometimes, it is possible that a group of teachers get so close that they are unconsciously uninviting to any newcomers. Has this been the case or does Craig really just have a huge attitude problem??
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The Shooting
Date: Apr 16th, 2006 8:33:57 pm - Subscribe

This is one situation that all administrators, teachers, and parents hope that they are never involved in. However, because of events that have happened in our country, schools should be prepared to handle this type of situation by developing a crisis management plan for responding to violent or traumatic incidents on school grounds. In this case, the district crises management plan should be followed. I would immediately grab it from my where it hangs on my wall and follow the appropriate steps and notify the superintendent of the shooting. I would have the secretary call 911 and then announce our code word for lockdown so that teachers would know that an event has occured and that lock down procedures are in effect. I would grab my cell phone and head to the cafeteria to assess what needs to be done. I would notify the nurse as soon as I knew who the injured student was so that she could look up emergency information on him. I would use my cell phone to notify central office so that I could get assistance from the superintendent!

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Health Hazard
Date: Apr 16th, 2006 7:54:59 pm - Subscribe

I would first call the superintendent to make him aware of the situation. If Mrs. Penn has contacted me about Mr. Wonderful, she is probably planning to contact the superintendent also. Anytime a superintendent can be briefed of a potential problem so that he/she can at least be aware of a situation is best. Contacting Mr. Wonderful and letting him know of the information given to me by the hospital employee is one of my first steps. He is entitled to know that Mrs. Penn has called and has threatened to cause problems and spread her allegations. This will give Mr. Wonderful an opportunity to call the hospital and speak to Mrs. Penn's supervisor about her phone call to the school. Mrs. Penn has violated several policies and should be held accountable for that. As an administrator, all I can do is to offer my support and help. Dismissing someone because of AIDS would be unethical and discriminatory. A person with AIDS has the right to teach and is not a threat to the safety of kids. AIDS is seen as being a medical issue, which is why having it is protected by law. We cannot even question people about their health unless it is directly related to their job nevertheless fire somone over it!
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