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To this day I remember my mum''s letters. It all

started in December 1941. Every night she sat at the

big table in the kitchen and wrote to my brother

Johnny, who had been drafted that summer. We had

not heard from him since the Japanese attacked

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I didn''t understand why my mum kept writing

Johnny when he never wrote back
"Wait and see-we''ll get a letter from him one day,"

she claimed. Mum said that there was a direct link

from the brain to the written word that was just as

strong as the light God has granted us. She trusted

that this light would find Johnny.
I don''t know if she said that to calm herself, dad or

all of us down. But I do know that it helped us stick

together, and one day a letter really did arrive.

Johnny was alive on an island in the Pacific.
I had always been amused by the fact that mum

signed her letters, "Cecilia Capuzzi", and I teased her

about that. "Why don''t you just write ''Mum''?" I said
I hadn''t been aware that she always thought of

herself as Cecilia Capuzzi. Not as Mum. I began

seeing her in a new light, this small delicate woman,

who even in high-heeled shoes was barely one and a

half meters tall.
She never wore make-up or jewelry except for a

wedding ring of gold. Her hair was fine, sleek and

black and always put up in a knot in the neck. She

wouldn''t hear of getting a haircut or a perm. Her

small silver-rimmed pince-nez only left her nose

when she went to bed.
Whenever mum had finished a letter, she gave it to

dad for him to post it. Then she put the water on to

boil, and we sat down at the table and talked about

the good old days when our Italian-American family

had been a family of ten: mum, dad and eight

children. Five boys and three girls. It is hard to

understand that they had all moved away from

home to work, enroll in the army, or get married.

All except me.
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